Ty Storey

I probably missed it but what is the status on Ty? Is he still with the team or did he transfer? Thanks

He is in school, but not with the team and remains in the transfer portal.

All the best to Ty in his future. He took a lot of tough hits and worked hard.

I respect him a lot.

I hope he finds his way out of that portal. I fear he will remain forever trapped there. A man without a team.

I think any team that would pick him up will get a lot more than they expected. If any team that would pick him up is ranked in the mid to upper level of their conference (meaning they provide their QB some protection) then for sure the team would do well by giving him a shot…

We should all wish him well!

This is one of the transfer portal cases that SI.com’s Andy Staples wrote about earlier in the week (I posted a separate thread on the recruiting board). Transfers have to take up one of someone’s 25 new-signee spots (“initial counter” in NCAAese). If a school doesn’t have one of those 25 initial counter spots open, Storey can’t go there. There will be a lot of players in the portal who lose that game of musical chairs, and many of them may not be able to return to their old school.

Storey may wind up having to transfer down to FCS or even D-II.

Based on what I’ve heard, he’ll stay in FBS, but not at a Power 5 program. I think you’ll hear something on his situation soon.

They need a QB in Jonesboro…

Storey announced this morning he is transferring to Western Kentucky. Here is a little more on the situation at WKU: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … -kentucky/

I had heard a few days ago that this was the likely destination, but didn’t have anyone I trusted 100 percent to verify it. I think Ty had dialogue with a number of FBS schools, including some in the Power 5. Ultimately, I think a C-USA program that is going through a coaching change might fit him well.

I hope he is successful at WKU. I also hope the O-line he is playing behind is more evenly matched the the D-lines he is playing against. He took a lifetime’s worth of hits last year.

Ty’s really not a bad a QB put him behind a good OL give him a wide open pass offense with some recievers and he will do fine,doesn’t have to greatest arm but neither does Phillip Rivers and he has done incredibly well. no QB on earth wouldlook good behind our OL last yr.

Likely chance he faces us later this year if a starter! Could make for an interesting game!

Has a former Arkansas quarterback ever played against Arkansas with another team? I think it would be a first.

I thought Tavaris Jackson played us after transferring but could be wrong. I know it’s happened in basketball. Sunday Adebayo at Memphis. Regardless, wish him well, but we need better QB play than what Ty could muster. OL was awful but his accuracy and decision making were substandard at times.

Hit the nail on the head as he never had a chance behind our Oline, I wish him well,tough kid. WPS

I do recall that a kicker (Steve Cox?) actually started out at Tulsa, beat Arkansas with a field goal, and then transferred to Arkansas and had a nice career here.

Beware the Storey book ending. Ty leads the Hilltoppers to a dramatic last second win over the Hogs in November. Passes for over 400 yards and 5 TD’s. Looks like the latest incarnation of John Elway in the process.

Actually Cox beat us with three field goals. Steve Little made one; we lost 9-3 (also, Robert Farrell dropped a pass in the end zone that would have won the game; I got a great feature story three years later of Farrell telling the much-embellished tale of dropping that pass). I got to know Cox pretty well after he transferred. And we weren’t going to sign another kicker in 1976, not with Steve Little established here for two years.

TJ transferred to ASU…Alabama St University.

Congratulations Ty. I hope you have a great career at WKU. Thank you for your diligence and hard work and for being an excellent Razorback. Best wishes.