Ty Storey

So what’s the word on the Hill, w Noland and possibly Bohannon on the way, Ty Evans signed for 2019, TS to transfer?

I don’t think he’ll be back.

Something to remember about Ty is that because he enrolled early, he should be closer to finishing his degree than most players his age. That could play a factor in if/when he wants to transfer.

All of this is assuming every quarterback transfers when they go a few years without much playing time. That is not always the case.

Ty Evans is committed, not signed and can’t do so for over a year.

He is committed to the current staff.

No guarantee Gerry Bohanon is coming here.

Ty Storey is smart enough to not show his hand either way

I’ve heard good things about Daulton Hyatt.

Yup, he probably just waiting to see what happens like the rest of us. New staff comes in could be a fresh start. If.