Ty Storey

So they pulled Ty prematurely last game but gave Kelly forever and a day to throw 4 picks smh. Ty deserved better

Definitely confusing.

Certainly don’t understand what was going on there. As my old grandpa use to
say …“Did he piss in their Post Toasties?” For those that might not understand
that ole expression, its asking if Ty took a leak in the coaches cereal bowl or something
similar enough to really piss em off to not play him.

I understand when its out of hand taking advantage of the new redshirt rule and
letting the younglings get a taste and see what they are made of in that situation.
What I cannot fathom is the quick hook for Ty the prior week and then hanging
on to Cole like a dog with a bone and not letting Ty have a shot when it could have
made a difference. Maybe he would have failed too as we was getting just whipped
on the Oline, but to not try him at all is really confusing.

Is something going on with the QBs? WE played 3 today, I’ve not seen that since
they had to go get one off an intermural team due to injuries.

Strange is all it is.

I do not understand either. Why do they insist on giving the quarterbacks a half before they change. Ty should have been brought in the second quarter and if he didn’t show anything, then turn the freshmen loose in the second half. Kelley is not the answer.

I only counted 3. Kelley, Nolan, and Jones!

Hopefully this is like 2001 where we played three QBs in the first game of the season (Ryan sorahan, Tarvaris Jackson and Zac Clarke) but Matt Jones, as a freshman, showed up later in the season for 8 games.

That’s a typo… fixed it… thanks… meant 3.

Only three.

The old Texas high school coach gave up Period


Vs north Texas. Denton. Smdh

I understood why Noland had jumped over Hyatt for 3rd string since CCM had asked Hyatt to step up but he never took advantage. What I didn’t understand was why Ty Storey was not inserted after Kelley continued to throw into double coverage in the late 1st Qtr. Kelley should have been pulled before he ruined our chances to win with 4 INT’s. He should have been pulled late in the 1st Qtr so we could have at least tried Ty for a while to see if he could catch fire before going to Connor.

CCM over committed to Kelley for FAR tooo long and Kelley’s terrible decisions and passing burned CCM. We have to face facts that this rebuild is far worse than we thought. The QB’s are wrecking the rebuild but we also have to be level headed about Storey and Kelley - they are not very good and they have had 2+ years on campus to improve. I am stunned to think of what this would be like if Bret stayed and we had these guys running that slow developing offense. We are the worst we have been in recent memory.

Ty Storey never needs to play again barring injuries to the others and neither does Cole.

Neither are P5 QBs nor will they ever be.

Noland is the future. Let’s get on with rebuilding and quit worrying about QBs that can’t play a lick.

I hope you’re right. We need someone to step up.

I really like Storey and hate that this has played out like this this. Kelley and Storey can’t survive behind this Oline so we need Noland’s legs negate the poor Oline. Neither QB is very accurate or make good decisions. The WR’s don’t get separation and they aren’t blocking very good. The RB’s are missing blocks. The TEs are not blocking well or even slowing down the DE with Chip blocks. This patch work Oline is impossible to build an offense around. UNT was getting pressure with 3 DL.

I feel sorry for the QB that plays for the next 3 weeks behind this oline and these WRs that are too weak to fight the AU, Bama and A&M corners.

After watching CMM speak after the game I understand I think why Storey didn’t play yesterday. My read was he decided to give the ball to Kelley and say this is your game to win or lose and once it became apparent that the game was over he put the young guys in to see how they reacted. He didn’t want to put Storey in that situation which I think was the right call, but now that Kelley has had a shot to win or lose I want to see Ty get the same opportunity which in my opinion he deserves for sticking it out with the Hogs. This season is no longer about winning, now it’s about finding out if our coaches can coach up these players and show some improvement in a very tough conference. It’s hard to recruit quality players when you don’t have anything to hang your hat on and so far all we can guarantee is a chance for playing time. Our back is against the wall and there’s no place to hide and nothing to lose with this team, I always hated playing someone with nothing to lose and something to prove. It’s all about what you do from here, yesterday is history! WPS

I understand your point about wanting to give Ty another chance because he stuck around when he could have transferred.

My counter to that … he perhaps should have transferred and I trust he will after the season.

He’s not the future and starting him again is akin to spinning your wheels. It gets the program absolutely nowhere.

Start one of he the pups … they are the future.