Ty Storey looks good...

We are a different offense with him in there.

He looks better but I wouldn’t say he looks good.

Both QB’s are staring down receivers. We need an athlete at QB in this offense.

He’s definently better gets rid of the ball quicker

Offense seems to be clicking better with storey at qb. Has he done enough to win the job, or will we see Noland and Jones in the second half?

Looks like Kelley May have already lost his starting spot.

Now Ty is looking good!! He’s making me eat my words.

One thing is for sure, this offense is going to be fun to watch.

The plan was probably to see Jones, Noland, and another in the 2nd half if we have a good lead. The new redshirt rules allow for much more liberal looks at freshmen. No big deal about allowing them to play. Nothing sinister need be read in. I’m more concerned about run blocking right now.

Better get a running game if we are ever going to compete in the SEC the better defense as will not let you run by them like E Illinois has but I like what I’ve seen from storey.
OL has been a very good job of pass blocking I will give them credit for that but they are very very soft in the Run blocking

OL is talent deficient. We all know it. Recruiting is our only fix there. You just can’t scheme around a bad offensive line.

Running game has been called poorly, lacks imagination, unpredictability.

You don’t really think the whole playbook will be shown in the first game against a cupcake when it’s not needed, do you? The deficiency in run blocking against an inferior opponent is obvious. We should be able to tell them what we are going to run and execute it half the time with reasonable efficiency (3-4 yards). Whining about play calling in the first game against a pushover, when we are trouncing them? :roll_eyes: