Ty Storey continues to impress

Happy for Ty Storey…although the pending irony if he is best QB in DWRRS in Nov is hard not to see coming. That may tell us more about Morris than the wins and losses, we will see.

I saw the higlight reel of the Toppers win over Miz Charlotte. Ty did look calm in the pocket, surveying the field then delivering a perfect pass downfield for a TD. He would not have had the luxury of time to throw here. It looked like he was having a great time. Throwing flea flickers and catching a TD pass. Celebrating with his teammates. I’m glad things worked out for him. Now he is a threat to our march to progress. The only thing standing between us and that cherished third win. Who’s bright idea was it not to put a no compete clause in that transfer portal? I smell the incompetent hand of Lil Johnny White at work here!

Ty Storey gave everything he had to Arkansas last year behind an inferior O-Line and was roasted on this site. I’m happy that he is enjoying playing the game of football behind an O-Line that is giving him protection.
He may very well bring the Hilltoppers into Arkansas and defeat his beloved Razorbacks, I don’t think most outside of “General” would be shocked if this actually happens.
None of us want this to happen, but the way our Hogs have played this season it’s possible.

Go Hogs!

Ty will have a great game when WKU comes to Fayetteville.

Since he took over four games ago he’s hitting right at 70% of his passes. Thrown 5 TD passes to 1 INT. Glad to see him having such a great time. He took a beating here, but gave it his very best shot every game.

I’m very happy also that Ty is doing well and seems to be having a great time. I’m very disappointed that he didn’t get the opportunity to finish his career with the Hogs but he’s a lot better off where he is now. One thing has been proven in my opinion and it’s that’s we did not upgrade the Qb position as many thought including Morris as he brought in Hicks who knows his system completely. Anyways very happy Ty ! WPS

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There are a lot of things that need to be considered in all this comparison

Ty has had another year to mature
He is not playing against SEC defenses
He is not playing behind our OL

I honestly do not think Tom Brady could have success with our OL

Ty Storey is going to bring the Hilltoppers in here and beat the Hogs. That will be the final nail in CCM’s coffin.

Fair points about him not facing SEC defenses and not have a line to play behind at Arkansas.

I think Starkel has more overall athletic talent than Ty but I certainly don’t believe Hicks does.

The hogs would have been better off with Ty and Cole Kelly this season that’s my opinion. Starkel has more arm talent but he hasn’t been effective very much and Hicks hasn’t got accuracy, touch or arm strength.
Ty just might come to the hill and beat our hogs. I hope not but it’s fact.

I am a big fan of Ty Storey the person.

But it is interesting to me how much better quarterbacks they have become since they left here and Hicks and Starkel haven’t succeeded.

It was this time last year when many of you were coming off the top rope on them.

As some of you did on the Allens before them.

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Confirmed Craddock is not good at developing quarterbacks?

I would say that every Arkansas quarterback since around 2013 has taken shots from the defenses, shots from the doctors to continue playing games and shots from the their own fans,


It really is hard for fans to understand that until we have a decent offensive line which is at least 1-2 years away, it ain’t gonna matter who the head coach is.

The biggest shot I saw taken was the article that was named “Arkansas Upgrades at Quarterback” taking nothing away from our current Qb’s. Playing behind our O-line a Qb doesn’t stand a chance to play up to their potential and our current O-line is better than the guys Storey and Kelley played behind. Will be interesting to see if we put up the 31 points that we did last year. WPS

The Hogs have struggled against (and even lost to) teams outside of the SEC under our current coach! It always tickles me when people say something similar to this. The football Hogs can’t even beat directional schools, mid majors or lower tier schools on a regular basis. Let’s start there before we talk about our “tough SEC schedule.”

I am one of those fans that questioned whether Hicks was better than Storey early in the season. I was assured on this site that Hicks was better than Storey. Still wondering about that same question.

I would take Storey over Hicks and Starkel just for his small contribution to the run game.

Seeing that SJSU is beating Army, Josh Love has 200+ yards and 2 tds. I am wondering if just had a QB upgrade with Love this year, I think definitely Hogs would be 4-3 and possibly 5-2…amazing an upgrade at that position would have program riding high now. Unfortunately, what ifs ain’t helping us now.

I finally saw the replay of the WKU verus Army game. Storey looked poised, confident and accurate, something we are sorely lacking. He looked quick on his feed and he made quick competent decisions. I am happy he is enjoying this season. It just makes you wonder what the heck happened here. All water under the bridge. Maybe JSJ is going to help our team down the stretch. He sure as heck can’t hurt.

It really adds some intrigue to the Arkansas game against Western Kentucky.