Ty’kieast Crawford

RD, any info on him? Read on other sites that people in the program feel confident he is ours.

I’m guessing no info, I don’t think they “get” as much on transfers as normal recruiting. There are articles from out of state writers listing the schools he’s heard from, and early top 3 choices, fwiw.

I started checking at the end of my vacation and I would say things are looking promising.


Your point being? We all read his tweet on committing, I was just saying we don’t hear as much on transfers, unless we hear it first from the player.

You read his tweet after I posted the story after talking to him and a family friend and being told to run with the story.

But for the most part you’re right. Kids usually like to announce themselves.

I guess my main point is we don’t hear much on who we are after in transfers, as regular recruiting. I understand the staff wishes to keep it more on the down low, unless the kid states who is recruiting them.

Misread your post then.

Anyone remember why Ty’kieast decommited from us after commiting to us in the past? Great if he’s finally onboard.

Because we had CM as coach still and it was becoming clear he wouldn’t be around much longer.

Basically because he wasn’t going to qualify to go D-I. He only got to Charlotte because the NCAA eliminated test scores/grades due to COVID messing up their last semesters in high school for 2019 recruits. He still has to be admitted to the UofA, which isn’t a slam dunk, despite going to Charlotte for a semester, or so I hear. Hopefully everything is worked out tomorrow morning, lol.

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Thanks for the answer, I thought it was something like that. I asked a long time ago what happened to him on signing day but had forgotten the answer. If only you could use a different phrase than “slam dunk”, though, wrong sport :). I guess you could use “chip shot field goal”, but not with us, even an extra point is not a sure thing :(.

I would say that I feel good about his chances of being here soon, but also will never call something involving him a lock because of his history.

Heck of an engaging kid. As someone who views players in terms of the interesting quotes , I’d like to have him around for that

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Based on yesterday’s basketball game, I’d say “slam dunk” is not a sure thing either. The front of the rim blocked a couple dunks for us.

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Has a lot of potential, huge like CSP likes them, get him here, coach him up,turn him loose.

Got to get him enrolled first, not a sure thing.

I don’t think anyone has ever stated it was, but it’s clearly a better situation than it looked like at this time a year ago.

Ok then, I guess the only sure things are death, taxes. and some Razorback fans expecting the worst and/or complaining about something or other no matter what happens :joy:.

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So, our end, or his end, in his delay in announcing his choice in transferring?