Ty Evans reopens his recruiting


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No surprise. 1st of several decommits and transfers I expect.

It comes with every coaching change… time to rebuild!

the likes of some mountain west schools for commits

Comments:If the UA can get Gus the young man from Earle is a lock, his numbers are better than this kid’s anyway.

What numbers? The kid from Colorado has been lighting it up for two years throwing the ball against a higher level of competition.

In any case, Evans is a junior and would not be in the same signing class.

If he is a lock with Gus then why was he not considering Auburn? I thought Mullen was a threat much more than Gus. I hope Gus is the recruiter some of you think he is but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Who knows what is true, but when I went to Earle to watch Gerry play, there were several people saying Norvell was his favorite school and where Norvell ended up might play a big part in his decision

Here is a thoughts: you know there is an old saying that says" it’s not the size of the dog that matters, it’s the fight within the dog that counts" what do you think the reference The Fight Within refers to? I believe the reference is the heart, and passion, etc. I say these intangibles makes winners and yes even champions, its not necessarily the size of the pond you compete or swim within. Last year around this time or maybe earlier the whole state was In an uproar regarding a young man from a very small town in Ark who committed to one of the legacy basketball institutions and we jeered, hiss, even booed him and family for leaving the state, the question was asked why would he want to leave his state and show case his skills elsewhere, which is a valid question. However help me to understand why in these cases we are content to allow this young man and previously others go to another division one schools in other power five conferences to show case their skills at the QB position helping those school win or compete for their conference…

I don’t think anyone is happy when an Arkansas kid (who has an offer from Arkansas) goes to another school. In any sport. If the kid from Earle goes to MSU or Ole Miss etc. there will be a lot of unhappy Hog fans. I don’t think the attitude toward him is any different than someone else.

My original question was “what numbers?”, when you stated that his numbers are better than Evans. Your response does not include any numbers, but instead tries to re-shape the discussion into a lament about recruiting Arkansas kids. So again, what numbers are you referring to? What makes Bohannon superior to Evans, other than geography?

I don’t care where we get players from, as long as they can play. It’s on the coaching staff to figure out whether an Arkansas kid is the best prospect available or not. I’m not content with settling for a kid over a better player just because he comes from Arkansas. If two players are even take the Arkansas kid, if both are ready to commit at the same time. But how often does that happen?

Next Coach will have a chance to recruit to his system, take a breath.

2019 QB Ty Evans - has led his team to a 13-0 mark

This season: 201-of-326 passing for 3, 318 yards, 39 TDs and 7 interceptions; 42 carries for 163 yards and 7 more scores

Career: 404-of-684 passing for 6,479 yards, 70 TDs, 12 interceptions; 72 carries, 178 yards, 8 TDs

• • •

2018 QB Gerry Bohanon - has led his team to a 10-1 mark and the Class 3A semifinals

This season - missing the last two games- : 77 of 121 for 1,829 yards and 20 TDs, rushed for over 1,000 yards and 13 TDs

Career: over 4,500 passing, over 2,000 rushing

Should not be overlooked in this thread

Season: 205-of-296 passing for 2,494 yards, 31 TDs, 5 interceptions; 80 carries, 225 yards

Career: 429-of-632 passing, 5,461 yards 58 TDs, 10 interceptions; 263 carries, 1,209 yards, 15 TDs

Bohanon small classification aka Ty Storey----what about Evans?

Colorado has five 11-man football classifications, one 6-man classification and one 8-man classification

Evans’ Palmer Ridge squad plays Class 3A of the 5A 11-man classifications.

Playing for the state title this weekend:

http://www.denverpost.com/2017/11/28/er … e-preview/

Thanks Dudley.

Why did Bohannon miss the last two games?

Think Noland will still sign regardless of which of the rumored guys gets hired? And, what are chances based on what is known before HS baseball starts that he does make it to college vs. minor league baseball?

He didn’t miss the last two games.

We just don’t have the stats from those to include

Noland will sign on Dec. 20

He says he wants to play football and baseball at Arkansas.

I have not seen anything yet to indicate he would be drafted really, really high.

Again, thanks.