Ty Clary

Ty was probably the least regarded of last year’s O-line class, but I believe, the only one to see the field as a true Frosh. I know he was injured during the season, but I can’t remember at what point. Did he lose his red shirt? Is he now a full time Center, or is he still in the picture at Guard? I’ll hang up and listen now.

Clary played in seven games, so he was no eligible for a redshirt last year. He practiced mostly at center in the spring. He needs to add some weight.

Maybe some of our other linemen could give him some of their’s. I thought he played in the 280’s last year, which is light for a Guard. Not too far off from being an effective Center though. I wonder at what weight do they want him to play?

The stated intent of new strength and conditioning coach Trumain Carroll was to get the OL in shape by losing pounds and redefining bodies.

The ones I have seen this summer look fit and trim.

We’ll see if it pays off.

I hope so, There is a big difference in being 380 pounds and being a big well conditioned football player.

I’m giving my age away but I can remember All American tackles weighing 240 and the biggest player in the NFL around 1960 weighed 260. I think Billy Ray Smith Senior weighed 235 or so and Bud Brooks only around 220. Frankly, football was more fun to watch for me, but I realize those days are gone forever. Scoring a lot of points is more important now than anything else.

I will really give my age away. Check out the weight of the linemen from Arkansas’ only national championship team. I remember a defensive lineman named Williams (I believe) who weight about 190. He was lightning fast.

Younger guys may not realize that in those days a starter played virtually all the snaps and 380 pounders today if he had to play the whole game on a nice 95 degree 90% humidity day would drop dead by the dozens from heat exhaustion.

I don’t recall any 380-pounders off the top of my head.

340, yes.

I was a little liberal with the actual weight, but Georgia last year had 16 over 300 pounds but 345 was the heaviest, two of those guys.

There are some 300 pound high school players here in Georgia.

And those are program weights which may or may not be actual numbers.