Tx Southern

Mike White is coaching to keep his job this season. And he knows it.

It’s now 50-36 TSU with 11 minutes left.

And TSU is 0-7 this season.

Eric’s old LSU boss is coach of Tx Southern

Yup. And TSU has looked like the ranked team, not Florida. Owning the boards, hitting key shots.

Maybe Oklahoma’s victory over a ranked Florida team isn’t as big a deal as the press tried to make it

We’ll find out soon

Texas Southern shot 54%, won the boards by 23. Even though they had 22 turnovers to Florida’s 10, it didn’t matter.

Final 69-54 Tigers.

Losing to a winless SWAC school…

Poverty school.

Basketball is such a weird sport… But that’s why I love it.


I bet Muss has already seen that score, Hogs need to stay focused.

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Didn’t one of Nolan’s good teams lose to a no name once?

I think it was during a holiday tournament outside the
Continental US.

Anybody remember?

Wasn’t it American University?

You are correct. I googled it. It was 1997 in Puerto Rico. UA players on the team included Derek Hood, Kareem Reid and Nicky Davis.

American U was D2

Didn’t we lose 2 games in that tournament?

Yes. According to the media guide, we lost the following day to Murray St, 94-83.

We finished 24-9 that year and advanced to the 2nd round of the NCAA….Lost to Utah.

I bet those 2 games got the teams attention for sure.

FINAL TSU 69, Florida 54

Mike’s seat burning White hot now. He better turn it around quick or he’s done in Gainesville.

Every year pundits hype UF hoops and every year Gators fall flat on their faces with White as coach. Ultimate underachievers.

I was really surprised I didn’t hear any boos. Perhaps they don’t care enough about hoops to boo.