Are there other games that night on ESPN? I want US to have the national stage by ourselves!!. Any preliminary info on predicted weather? I want a full house!!!

Me and my wife will be in section 19 where we had seats for over a decade for old times sake. So many memories of tailgating in front of Ray Wiinder back in the day. I’m so excited to be able to attend the first two games this year for the first time in the two decades we’ve lived in Tennessee. Retirement will allow us to attend football, basketball and baseball games around the SEC.

Leaving a week from Sunday in our RV and will be able to visit family and friends in Central and NW Arkansas. WooPig!

I know ohio st and Indiana is the big game that night. Also, Oklahoma state is playing Tulsa

I went to an Indianapolis Indians minor league game this summer… I could not count the number of video board ads for IN Hoosier football… I really believe Tom Allen was a good hire for them. Where is the OSU/IN game being played?

That game is at Indiana