Two Unlikely Replacements

Bill Self
He’s at a traditional blue blood program that is in good shape, and he makes a ton of money. Speaking fondly of Arkansas is a long ways from giving up that gig. If he gets forced out because of the pay-for-play stuff he probably will be too hot to touch by anyone.

Mark Few
He’s been at Gonzaga 20 years now, and pretty much has it made. He’s built Gonzaga up in recruiting to be a national power, with a nice pipeline of quality recruits. He plays in a pathetically weak conference that insures a good record every year, but has won enough NCAA and non-conference games to entice ESPN, etc. to broker quality non-conference games every year. He makes good, if not spectacular money.

He’s a lifetime Pacific Northwest guy who doesn’t need to go anywhere to go deep into the NCAAs. Arkansas could pay him more in base salary in all likelihood, but he’s turned down multiple opportunities for a big raise in the last six or seven years to stay put.

I’m sure HY will do a little checking for both, but I don’t think either one is a realistic candidate.

I think Few has turned down bigger programs than Arkansas to stay where he is (I could be wrong about that)…but I agree that I would love to see us make the effort.

Mark Few would be great…not a chance though.
He started at Gonzaga in 89 as a GA…HC in’99, his only stop.

Checking his salary, looks like Few makes 1.8 which would be less than Anderson.

Don’t want Self. Kansas can have him.


ill disagree, i would take either. but don’t think that will happen.