Two Technicals--Ejection or Not?

I’m still trying to figure out why Tshiebwe wasn’t ejected after his second technical. Is that an old rule?

Oscar didn’t get a technical for the elbow. A flagrant 1 counts as a technical, but they didn’t give him a flagrant 1.

As I understood it and disagree with it. The incident your talking about was worked out with two common fouls (one on Mitchell and one on Tshiebwe) the technical was actually on Black for something he said or some pushing.

I think Tshiebwe should have been issued at the very least a Flagrant One for the elbow and it most likely should have been a Flagrant Two and ejection. But they are not gonna do that to Kentucky and Coach Cal. Now if it had been a Flagrant one and then he got that second Flagrant one, he would have been gone. But I suspect if he already had a flagrant he could have trucked someone and they’d have just called it a common foul.

The officiating was atrocious… but didn’t cost us the game. Our FT shooting, turnovers, poor defense, and losing our cool at the wrong times did.


The official PBP does not reflect a technical on AB either. Double foul on Mitchell and Oscar, then a foul on AB for pushing. That’s why there were no free throws shot.

Gene Steratore was absolutely right. It wasn’t a basketball play, it was a flagrant 2. But Birmingham wimped out as usual.

Also, there are Class A and Class B technicals. Devo got two Class As, he’s gone. Class B is stuff like flopping to try to draw a charge, grabbing the rim too long on a dunk. Three Class B T’s will get you ejected.

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Never expect truly fair, unbiased decision making from the SEC home office. NEVER.


We would be wise to never leave in the hands of Birmingham or replay. Pretty likely we won’t like the outcome.

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Oscar may have been given the benefit of doubt by the ref because he didn’t swing at Mitchell with his elbow, but was trying to untangle himself from Mitchell who had wrapped him with his right arm, although no question Oscar did it with more force than he needed to. In other words, Oscar didn’t initiate that whole sequence. Just my guess, unless your theory is right that ref was doing a favor to Coach Cal.

The worst officiating I’ve seen in college hoops. Maybe I’m forgetting more outrageous examples.

Almost at the point you send in the walk-on, and everyone in the arena knows what is going to happen - someone important on the other team is going down in a heap, and a walk-on is going to be ejected.

Had two arkansas guys on that crew yesterday I believe

This may sound old-fashioned but it’s a sign of the times. If you don’t get your way, it’s someone else’s fault. Scream, punch someone, make a huge deal out of every whistle. That’s the kind of game these kids grew up watching on tv and now it’s carried over to their college ball. I can remember not that long ago when basketball players seldom got into it with each other. A little elbowing and a little jawing but not all out fights and technicals every game. The refs had a poor game yesterday but calling fouls and keeping a game fair in the last decade is totally different than prior years.


Didn’t watch 80’s pistons bulls then or Lakers Celtics huh?

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The key word I used was seldom. Of course I remember punches and fights through the years. I’ve been watching basketball for 50 years.

I was looking at the ESPN and Scores PBP. Both show two technicals assessed. That’s why I wondered if it was later changed. I wasn’t following the official PBP during the game but the announcers said it was a technical.

Those 80’s Laker/Celtics games were kinda like tackle basketball. Tough stuff. I did not see the game yesterday. I was celebrating a grandsons 10th birthday at Top Golf. I won’t watch the DVR replay either. It would just depress me.

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Yeah I heard what the announcers said too but no technical officially. Maybe they did change it later.

The ESPN PBP still shows technical.

I’ve learned not to trust the ESPN PBP. It sometimes bears no resemblance to what actually happened.

PJ its the rule… it was at minimum a flagrant one. There was elbow contact with the head/neck area in an attempt to separate himself from Mitchell. Its tricky if it was during live play or dead ball. Since it was called a double foul then it has to be live ball. If it was dead ball, then its an automatic Technical. Since it live ball call it has to be assessed for ‘Severity of the Contact’ (common, flagrant 1, flagrant 2)

  • Legitimate Basketball Play… be considered intentional or flagrant if other criteria are present such as recklessness and/or hard contact to the head, neck, shoulder or face.
  • Potential for Injury Resulting from Contact… a blow to the head and a foul committed when a player is in a vulnerable position.
  • Outcome of the Contact… did it lead to an altercation.

At the least it should have been common foul on Mitchell and Flagrant 1 on Oscar.

As for my “theory”… appreciate the snide comment part… it wasn’t the refs decision, it came from Birmingham, unless they don’t involve them on just replays. I’ve never been clear if they have people watching all SEC games on call for that or not. Anyway that is a much bigger topic if Birmingham/Refs plays favorites or not. But hey… I’m sure they are all clean as the dawn driven snow. Just like I’m sure there is a great white buffalo, an honest politician, and an Easter bunny.

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Yeah he was trying to get untangled with him by knocking Mitchell off of him about two feet!, you never convince me he wasn’t trying to do it on purpose because he was pissed he got pushed by Mitchell


Well, I was at BWA to watch this game in person. Tonight I watched the recording of the game. It is amazing what you don’t see in person that you see thru replays on TV. After watching the replay, I have to say that at minimum it is a Flagrant 1, but eye test says Flagrant 2 and ejection.

As the TV analyst said, Muss is sending the tape to SEC office.