Two teammates planning to visit Hogs

Amite, La. WR Kyle Maxwell said he and highly recruited teammate and WR Devonta Lee are planning to attend a game this season.

Maxwell has offers from Arkansas, La. Tech and others.

Maxwell HUDL:

Lee profile: … evonta-lee


Good news. Kind of interested in seeing how the class rounds out. Morris said sign 23 maximum I believe. I’m curious how he will pick and choose between all of these offers that are still interested. Couple of Juco players and still a few D linemen I’ve seen pretty interested. Would you see him signing 2 more WR and even more DL? Lots of interested players, coaches may have to get choosey at the end right?

One more WR (Knox) and DL (Carter). Hudson Henry, DB, two OL.

That would be 24. If the right guys want to come they’re going to find room. That’s why I really don’t say a firm number of total signees.


The math of the scholarship limit means you have to get creative. You can’t sign 25 a year, every year, without a lot of attrition. If at least six freshmen redshirted every year, nobody left and you signed 25 every year, that would be 125 on scholarship (31 or 32 in each of the four classes). Which is a few more than 85. So some people have to leave, or you have to keep your classes below 21.