Two sources think

there’s a good chance OL Chad Lindberg flips to Arkansas.

Original post about Chad.

Nice! Lets all hope.

Absolute stud! He will be awesome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: wished he could be here next year.

WOW, that would be youuuge

That would be a BIG,BIG wow! That is what we need


The Clear Lake ISD, which includes Clear Creek, is a major suburban district south of Houston, including the area around NASA. Five high schools, all of them Class 6A, meaning 2200 students or more. A lot of talent down there. We’ve had some kids from that district, I’m pretty sure.

We lived in Clear Creek ISD for 10 years (League City, TX) within blocks of the flag school, Clear Creek. I believe there is close to 35,000 total students (elementary and HS) in the district.

It’s bigger now, up to 42,000 students. Just added the fifth high school