Two SEC teams in the playoffs

Bama is in, tOSU is out. Let the B1G whining begin.

Ahh, this is wondrous news.

Sugar Bowl: Clemson vs. Alabama.

That will be fun. Especially if Bama gets healthy in the next four weeks.

How would you like to be Auburn? They beat Georgia and Alabama, but are out. Brutal

I’m just happy Oh how I hate Ohio State did not get selected. Urban is getting more annoying every year and I’m sure he and the Buckeye faithful will be having a pity party today.

Vegas line on the CFP semis:

Alabama -1 vs. Clemson

OU -3 vs. Georgia (already down to -2.5 per Rece Davis).

And they lost three games. One was to Clemson and one was to Georgia, true, but no way a 3-loss team gets in, even as a conference champ. Blowing that 20-point lead to LSU definitely bit them.

Whining is right. Tables turned, I guess OSU will forget what happened last year. I’m thinking the committee got it right this year. Added bonus of the rematch from last years Championship in Round1.

Swine, I know they lost 3 games. Even you know that. Has any team ever beaten 2 of the 4 CFB participants in a season like this and beat each one of them handily and not gotten in? This has to really piss off the Auburn fans. No, I did not expect Auburn to get in, but this has got to hurt.

Let’s remember this is only the 4th time there’s been a CFP. Almost everything that happens is unprecedented.

Another thing to remember is that if Auburn had won last night, it wouldn’t have 3 losses. It’d have two & would be in. AU fans have a right to be disappointed & maybe even upset they lost last night, but they can’t reasonably be pissed they didn’t get in. Yeah, they beat UGA handily 3 weeks ago, but UGA beat them handily last night. AU had its shot (or shots) & didn’t make it. They can certainly argue they’re as good as any team in the playoff, but they can’t argue they should’ve been there.

I’m mixed about Alabama getting in. I’m tired of them. But I’m glad the SEC has two teams & I’m glad OSU didn’t make it, especially after they got in last year despite not winning the Big 10.

I hope it hurts those Aubren cheaters really bad. And I hope they keep their coach. Salt in the wounds.


There has been one team in my lifetime win the NC with two losses: LSU 2007, and that took basically an act of God after we beat them in triple OT in Baton Rouge. Nobody – NOBODY – is going to win it with three losses until they change the CFP so that conference champions automatically get in. And even then it will be a tough road; those teams lost three games for a reason. Granted, that reason might be injuries which have healed by January.

Chip is right; if Auburn wins last night, they’d be in the CFP with a chance for the second 2-loss NC in a decade. But they got thoroughly whipped. He’s also correct that everything is unprecedented in the CFP at this point, and there’s not a whole lot more history for championship games in particular, which started in the 1998 season with EOE’s win over Free Shoes.

If Auburn had beat Georgia last night, they would be in. Bama would still be in. Too bad that didn’t happen. An Iron Bowl rematch in the CFP would have been wild.

Good point on the Alabama injury situation. I suspect all the teams have a few guys that will be able to heal up in a month. It will be fun to watch.

It should be noted that Bama is in because tOSU beat Wisky. If the steenking Badgers win, they’d be in the CFP, probably as the 3 seed against OU.