Two schedule notes

  1. Our three SEC losses were to teams with a combined 13-1 league record.

  2. Our next three games are with teams below us in the standings. And Bama may be as well by the time we play them. Win those, get to 5-3 or 6-3, and some of the Chicken Littling on this board will disappear. Not all, but some; some of you people will make up something to complain about if nothing actually exists.

We’ve already lost three conference games.

Hopefully we will do better from here on out, though.

Swine but we don’t play D, we don’t rebound, we don’t do this or that! And our coach is named Mike.

They will find something to grip about!

But a good point. BTW our road play has improve a lot since 2 years ago! Anyone want to argue with that?

Wow, I didn’t even realize that. Nice research on that.

Also, think TAM game will be a good one. TAM has talent but has really been struggling. One keynote for that game, their last game they started two 6’9 and two 6’10 guys. Rebounding is going to be key in this game, Kennedy has decided if they aren’t going to beat anybody they will at least be bigger than everybody and try to out rebound them.

The TAMU game is huge. It was a presumed loss before the season but is very winnable at this point. We won at Tennessee and as of right now Tennessee is better than TAMU.

The Aggies will be desperate for a win. They are 9-7, 1-4 and lost at home by 10 to Tennessee. They’re 1 win was against a bad LSU team.

We have a real chance to get right back on track but have to play better than we typically have against TAMU on the road.

I assume this is why we saw Moses and Thompson in the game together yesterday? I bet we will see a lot of them in this game if foul trouble doesn’t kill us with road refs.