Two Questions

  1. Has anyone gotten a copy of Gus’s contract with Auburn. Does he have a non-complete clause for other SEC schools?

  2. Did Jeff’s decision to go with Pepsi have anything with the Administrations decision to let him go?

Your second question might be the most misunderstood topic in Arkansas. When I heard Bo passing it off as fact last week - five years after the fact - I could not believe it.

The UA has bids for just about everything you can imagine, including which drink provider is on campus. Pepsi won the bid in 2012 so it is served all across campus - in the dining halls, in the stores, in the vending machines and in the athletic venues.

Only a Yankee would drink Pepsi

We are the Pepsi, Alabama is the Coke.

This is supposed to be Gus’s contract. I see people saying yes, I see people saying no on the non-compete. I think I saw a link to a tweet from Dudley himself saying it has a non-compete. Who wants to read it?

https://2michy3wy0l30d34041dt1et-wpengi … ntract.pdf

I read it and did not see any language pertaining to a non-compete.

Yeah, with all the Gus talk, surely by now somebody would have brought it up.