Two-point conversion play

I have never understood why we like to run straight up the middle into the teeth of the defense… I have always thought you have a better chance to run in the 3/4hole in our case right behind Limmer in the 4 hole who is our best blocker and Wagner who is a better drive blocker than he is anything else.

Go back and look at that play had we ran behind those two guys he easily gets in the end zone.

The reason I like the off tackle plays it gives a quarterback a chance to bounce it out if he has to and you get KJ on a defensive back on the edge and I’ll take those chances every day.
Rocket is the one who missed his block by not blocking from the inside out he allowed that guy to get the inside track on him and he’s the one who got KJ by the legs or he would have scored anyway.

We scored up the middle on the two-point conversion with rocket so I guess he thought well it worked one time it’ll work again but the way yesterday was going it just didn’t happen. Like I said I always prefer going behind your best blocker off tackle and that’s easily Limmer for us

LSU ran a perfect two-point play because it was a pick play that was almost impossible to cover and why they were able to easily get that ball to the tight end for the winning two-pointer.

Hopefully if we get the win the game with another two-pointer we will be successful somehow… this is Ole Miss and Liberty where we’ve lost it on failed 2 pointers.


Youda, astute commentary. I enjoy learning the game (even at my age!).

What I noticed at the stadium - we didn’t substitute the last couple of drives, preventing Liberty from subbing out. We were planning on beating them into submission. I think that is the “sneak” call, but putting the QB behind different guys might be a read based on the defense? My concern would have been (going with the off-tackle or guard-tackle hole option) is that we go slightly sideways giving the LBs and DBs a chance to come up in support.

The first 2-point conversion covered nearly 5 yards! So, it worked.

One note: the in-stadium collection of replays showed a couple of angles the TV broadcast did not. Those in-stadium options sure made it look like a successful conversion, or at least more so than the TV version. I told my son, “if they called him in” and did the replay they wouldn’t likely overturn it. Just too close a call.

I like our chances in OT, that’s for sure! Liberty was toast - totally spent on defense, and the offense hadn’t done a thing the 2nd half.


Yeah I believe we would have won overtime as well because we were just hitting our stride offensively… and the defense played very well in the second half.

The play up the middle would have worked again my friend but like I mentioned that rocket fail to step with the correct foot which would have allowed him to get inside leverage on his block but as it was that guy beat him inside and was able to get a hold of KJ which slowed his momentum ,had KJ been able to hit of GL head on,his power would have driven him in the end zone but when that guy came in from the side and hit him it slowed his momentum and was what eventually brought him down.

I would have to look again but I’m not sure if we cut down our splits on the GL or not. I always had my guys get 6-in splits on the GL to make sure there was going to be no penetration coming through from linebackers that’s why I kind of like the off tackle play because it does give the QB a chance to bounce it out if he sees he has to.
But That’s just what I’ve seen be more successful…Briles surely did not call me and ask my opinion LOL

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Youda, great follow-up info.

I have always liked backfield motion on the GL. Freeze the LBs for a split second. Maybe,even, a seal block on the front side of an interior run (keep the DE or OLB from sneaking around the corner).

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I totally agree with you the main thing is to have variety on the GL so the defense has to react to what you’re doing versus attacking what you’re doing… they kind of knew what we were going to do before the play even started because that’s kind of what we do every time LOL. That allows them to get a head start on us but like you say if you get motion or any kind of thing that’s different than what we normally do they’re like hey wait a second I hadn’t seen this before and it makes them hesitate and as the old saying goes he who hesitates is lost lol and we’re in the end zone before they know it.

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I was expecting, actually, the jump pass to Knox. :slight_smile:

This is a great topic and some excellent points …,. If we are going to man up and pound it in with our 245 lbs QB, put Harris or Crawford in at FB and let them just clear the way!

Otherwise let’s run the option with a pitch… we needed that 2 point bad!

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I think you are starting to see more turn to putting a big guy in there to be behind the QB to help push him in from behind. Been seeing that a lot recently.

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A case where we needed Dom Johnson to either block or run it.

Even with the review showing a better hole and missed block, I have looked at my tapes of they reviews twenty and I can’t see the Referee’s justification for upholding the call on the field. The near side linesman was out of position when he made his placement and had no idea of the progress. The far side view was totally obstructed though again placement was less than shown progress. The telling footage of KJ without seeing the ball was judgement based his numeral
in relation to the goal line. When his knee touched the ground his numeral was more than halfway across the goal line. Other footage showing football but not showing if the play was dead clearly shows the ball coming from being cradled below his shoulder but higher than chest when he lunged forward. He has started his movement to extend the football from its normal cradle. In view of the magnitude of the judgement had I been Sam Pittman I would have least appealed call to conference. It was clearly a cases of judgements on other judgements based deduction, and unfortunately, the SEC office and the officials did not rely on all the evidence available in their final judgement.

I see it in a similar vein to 1962 Danny Brabham’s disputed goalline fumble on a clear night in Austin ending in a 7-3 loss to the Longhorns, but still a final AP 6th ranking. You can’t leave a Win or Loss up to the referees; you need to make the play. KJ, despite his effort(s), did not, and like that loss at Austin in '62 it lives as a bitter disappointment.

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There is a video circulating on Twitter. I saw it yesterday morning. It’s a perfect angle, it looks like the ball broke the plane, right as KJ’s knee hit. I don’t believe replay had the angle or access to that camera. In other words he got in.

Now, having said that, I didn’t like the call, and agree with you. That particular play has to have a slim percentage of success.

when we run empty and spread the field, 8 out of 10 times it has been kj running up the gut. when i saw formation i know what would be called or likely be called. don’t think liberty knew that also?

the two pointer before that at least liberty had to cover both sanders and kj. empty backfield narrows it down. lousy call.

Something to keep in mind when discussing the replays they watch and get to look at. They do not get to pause it, slow it down, go frame by frame like we do. I do believe I have heard it mentioned via broadcast that they have to look at it in live speed on a replay. So seeing all that at live speed it’s damn near impossible to overturn what’s called on the field.

We as fans have the benefit of watching it dozens of times and slowing it down and pausing at the critical point. They do not and I don’t understand this. I can almost swear in Basketball the refs get to actually control the clip and move it back and forth, slow it, etc. Not sure why football would be different, but I believe that to be the case.

Maybe the on field refs don’t have slo-mo, stop, rewind, frame by frame but I would think those experts in Birmingham would have all of that & more.

Given game history of with tackles for loss by Liberty defense, play call did not seem best for situation. That said because it would have worked with execution but execution was not forefront Saturday. Nevertheless, Liberty deserves credit for making play.

It looked to me like he got in. The nose of the football just has to touch the line and it sure appeared to be at that line when the knee touched.

I thought the side judge was too quick with his call and should have run in to see where the ball was in the pile. But I knew the call on the field would likely stand.

What kind of surprised me was that KJ, who has fumbled twice at the goal line this year trying to extend the ball on a first down play, when he didn’t need to, now doesn’t try to really stretch the ball out on a play where you do really need to do so. Maybe his legs just got cut out a lot sooner than he expected and he didn’t have time. But I sure wish he had put the ball just a few more inches ahead of himself when it’s do or die time

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