Two new Hog fans

I am dating a woman with two small children, ages 5 and 7. (Yes, she’s quite a bit younger than me, and yes, she knows how old I am). Their grandfather is a big OU fan, but until 2016 they lived in the Atlanta area and had no exposure to either OU or the Hogs, or college sports in general.

Thursday night I took her, the kids and my son to BWA, watching the bowl game on the video board and then the Florida game. It was their first basketball game, and we had a fun evening in spite of both outcomes. We were in the upper deck and the 5-year-old boy discovered he was scared of sitting up high, so that was a problem until he calmed down. But his big sister absolutely loved it. They had their picture made with the lifesize cutouts of Dusty, Moses, etc. on the concourse, and made signs saying things like Go Hogs and Woo Pig Sooie (with help from their mom). And my son and I taught the little girl how to call the Hogs, wiggle her fingers, etc. (proper technique, none of this wolf call stuff). Made the Hog Heaven run, got snow cones, hot dogs, nachos and pizza, the whole works. Both kids are now Hog fans, even though little bro was unhappy with the nosebleed seats.

So today the little girl had a Hog “party” in her bedroom, decorated with the signs they took home from BWA. The password for admission to the party? Calling the Hogs, which she was willing to teach her grandpa the OU fan. He’s not real happy about that. I’m planning to take mom and kids to the Mizzou game as well. No lower deck tickets left for that one, so her brother may volunteer to skip this game.