Two Nailbiter Top of 9ths....whew.


Yeah. Way to much Drama but we pulled them out…

I was thinking in the middle of the second game, with the score tied, that this is good practice for SEC play. Our bullpen has already had to close out one-run games. It won’t be anything new when Misery comes to town, or we go to EOE and Bummer the following week. Or the Rebnecks come to BWS the week after that.

I hope to be healthy enough by then to be in the hug pen with my kids and grandkids.
It’s always fun at the ball park! Especially when the hogs win.

Yep, and these games count. It of course is not like conference, but home losses to nonconference teams do not look good at the end of the season. Also, this is a scrappy, solid team we played yesterday and I guess we got some of their best. That what normally happens when we play these teams. Two good wins all the way around.

In a 56-game schedule, a single game doesn’t matter that much. Teams win a series 2-1 all the time and don’t drop in the rankings. But it’s certainly better to win a game like that than lose it.