Two More to OMA

The old nemesis from across the river is coming to town for a 3 game shootout to see who goes to OMA. They are playing well and certainly are not scared of the Razorbacks. Hopefully, we can make that work against them a little, but in reality, it is another SEC home series. All of those are tough. I mean 6 regional winners!

I like our chances, but then I am sure they like their chances as well. This will be a war with no prisoners taken nor quarter given.


I’m more apprehensive about OM than I’d be with several other opponents I thought might have been matched with us. We’re 2-3 against them this year. 1-2 in Fayetteville & 1-1 in a neutral site. This could still boil down to the rubber game. If Isaiah pitches like he did Saturday, we should win the first game. Do that & I like our chances of getting at least one of the remaining games. It always gets tough by the time of the Super Regionals, but I’d rather be playing LSU I think.

(Part of my fear is just the awful thought of not only missing the CWS, but that we’d miss it while OM makes it. There’s something wrong in a world where OM can get to Omaha going through Baum-Walker. We need to keep the earth on its axis and win this weekend.)

Have no fear…if Ole Miss beats us 2 out of 3 this weekend after beating us 2 out of 3 earlier this year at our place, then Ole Miss will deserve to go to Omaha. That is just the truth.

Just because we hate them doesn’t mean we can’t respect those blowhards.

This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we had caught that foul ball, but the pressure has ramped up because of last year, I feel.

I am surprised we have played as well as we have this year. Coach Van Horn and his staff and team have done a good job in looking forward, not backward.

Arkansas might have beaten Ole Miss the second game in Hoover with a normal pitching plan.

I hear ya, but my thought is we are going to have beat much better teams than OM to win the CWS. Granted, I’d like our path to be as easy as possible, but it’s not like we are paired with Vandy or MSU. If we can’t wine of 2 of 3 at home, we don’t belong in the CWS this year.

That’s always the case. If you play at Baum-Walker in the Super Regional, that’s all you can ask for. Mostly, you get to play at home in a Super because you are good. This team is good. And, it’s a good team with revenge on its mind.

I hate ole miss period. Beat them in any sport and I’m happy. Hate them worse than Texas and the site of burnt orange makes me sick. No orange anything in my home. Just beat ole miss.

Just play ball Hogs and it will turn out good…

we would hav beaten OM if that 2nd game in Hoover would have been at home Fletcher and Ezell both hit balls that were caught on the track that would have easily been out of Baum and we would have won…I am not afraid of OM we have hit their #1 guy evertime we have faced him so we must win that game b/c thier best pitcher LH Nikhazy is their best pitcher and is throwing the ball extremely well and will be battle for sure although you can’t get any tougher than Lodolo. Nikhazy won’t walk us like that but doesn’t have that overpowering pitches either so we may be OK just don’t want to “have to” win that one to stay alive.