Two More Games

There are two games left before this basketball season starts to get real serious. Are they ready? They took a real hit this week with the loss of TB. No way around it. He is an amazing player and a big loss.

How good is OU? The Hogs seemed to make some real steps in the right direction Sat. That game will help in March. Coach Muss has shown the ability to put the right pieces together to make a team. Can he do it in two more games?

I really like this team. I think what I like about them is how hard they play. It was the one thing that really impressed me in Maui. It was on display again Sat. Can they keep that up into March? History says they will play even harder and will continue to improve. There will be some set backs in league play. The SEC is now a very (Clay told me not to use the would in writing, but sometimes…) strong basketball league. Teams are going to knock each other off. Who can come out of that left standing (I wish they did not have that SEC tourney. It serves no good purpose other than make money I guess).

First, have to get over the NLR curse. After that, better tug hard on those seatbelts. It is going to be a very tough ride with a lot of ups and downs, twist and turn!

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Ou is a very well coached and solid team that played Villanova strong and had the lead late at Nova. Good solid win by our guys. Rotations from Muss are working even though I would like to see Graham get more minutes. We are going to have some downs but a lot more ups.

We are still some what in the infancy stage, but these guy have grown some during every game and have every opportunity to very special by March. Talented and with depth under great leadership is a recipe for success. WPS

Buy in and effort. They have that, they play sooo hard.

The signs you see in buy in are everywhere, seeing guys at post game interviews with stat sheets and actually going over them is just cool to see.
They were amazed at Makhi’s number’s and then The 4th said dude had 4 assists too, that’s crazy!
They are looking at stats to see game planning achievements and goals, not just how many point they had, it’s really refreshing to see.

Anyway I agree it’s about to get crazy.

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Well, we better be good - as usual, there are some really good teams throughout the SEC that we will have to contend with. We are going to seriously miss TB

The way I look at it is that this team, without TB, is still more talented than Muss’ last 2 Elite Eight teams. The starters, though, are younger and less experienced than the last 2 years’ teams.

We looked very, very good in Maui without Nick. For what it’s worth, we also looked very good in our first game without TB. Before the emergence of Mahki, I would have been more concerned about the loss of TB, but his vastly improved play softens the blow. We do need to get more out of one of Graham or Mahkel, and I think that’s very possible. Just need the occasional really good 10 or 12 minutes when foul trouble with Mahki and/or Johnson occurs.

There is no doubt, losing Trevon was a big, big loss. I don’t believe, however, we should lower our ultimate goal of a National Championship. I haven’t seen a single team that we can’t beat if we play well (and don’t have another season ending injury to Ricky, Nick or AB). We are still a very talented basketball team, with a great coach.

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We have to hope that NS’s knee holds up!

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I just hope Muss uses his bench a little more. Before TB went down, he had indicated that he was going to do that. Saturday we were back to an 8 man rotation with The Councilman playing 40 minutes. I know NSJ is our leader and a guy that we are going to depend on heavily. I just hope great care is exercised to protect his knee. I cringe with every minute over 30 he plays.

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