Two more bowls canceled

Again that wording: “Coronavirus issues, season-ending injuries, opt-outs, and transfers.” Same as aTm. Really makes me want to see the numbers of each. If it was strictly coronavirus don’t think they would throw in those other categories.

I still think players opting out to go pro and the transfer portal are going to have a big negative impact on the bowls going forward after this pandemic ebbs.


At some point, the bowls (minus the playoffs) may just end up becoming futures games where you showcase your talent for the next year. It will provide hype, fodder for the talking heads, and allow some pageantry for taking the old heads out of the game to cheers.

So you’re basically saying they still have value, right?! :wink:

Look, I get it. Fans want to see quality bowl games involving two good teams playing at full strength.

Thing is, after about 6-or-so games into the season, only 8-or-so teams have a legit shot at the CFP. Playing for a bowl (and its pagentry) is all that’s left for a whole lot of other teams.

So as long as the non-NFL-ready kids still want that end-of-season prize, I’ll be glad all these futures/pagentry games still exist.

And you gotta admit … our kids seemed genuinely happy when Larry rolled down that locker room floor.

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If all kids play for is a chance to win a national title, then they shouldn’t play football unless they play for 1 of 10 teams(maximum) and likely only 4-5.

I think many of them play because they love the game, recognize what a good season looks like for the team they are part of, and enjoy extending the season with another game to play with their teammates. And I enjoy that too.

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I might not care who wins the Nevada/Western Michigan game, but there are hundreds of thousands of people that do care.

6-6 and 5-7 are not good seasons.

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