Two main things derailed us yesterday

  1. We couldn’t punch it in from the 2 yard line THREE TIMES.
  2. They gashed us with the zone read in the 2nd half. Which was not about personnel.

Now, there were certainly other things we learned as well. We have a terrific QB. As good as his brother. Time will tell…but he may be better. We shall see. But he’s one of the top 2 QBs in the SEC. Right now. Our defense is much improved. Yes, they again got gashed late. That is a major concern. But I for one don’t think it was personnel yesterday (except lack of depth at corner and safety…esp. with Coley out (and correctly out…). I think they outschemed us on the zone read. (Why were the safeties so wide? CBB seemed unimpressed with the scheme. Fix it then, Coach). And momentum just swung…and we just wilted. Like I have seen many many many college teams do in my life. But I do think they are better. Moving on, we know we have excellent receivers. The league’s best TE. Rawleigh is a good, tough back. (Hold onto the ball, Rawleigh). Devwah may be a great back in the making. I still like our defensive line.

The huge concern is, obviously, the offensive line. There are some on this board that don’t like Bielema. Fine. But as long as he is coach, he will either win or lose with his offensive line. He did hire an OC that has great passing game schemes…and we tossed it all over the yard. But our line, right now, due to a variety of factors, is underperforming. Simple as that. I don’t think they lack physical ability. They are not cohesive as a unit…and are still getting confused with stunts etc., which they will see until they AREN’T getting confused any longer. Maybe its Anderson. Or just change. Whatever. They are underperforming.

The season hinges on the offensive line improving. Soon. We may lose to Bama…but every other game is very winnable. And Bama is not invincible. We get them at home. Its not probable. But its doable.

I will actually be in the stands next week…all the way from Charleston…and hope to see the starting offensive line play almost every snap. They desperately need game snaps. Together. Play 2nd teamers at the skill positions. But let the o-line play and play and play. And let’s leave them alone nowin terms of the lineup Let them mesh. Wallace…dude…you have the talent. Learn the schemes my man. Be what you have the ability to be!

Yesterday hurt. I lived in Bryan Tx for a year. I don’t like the Ags. At. All. But its over.

The season however, is not.

Go Hogs