Two HS sports questions

Why does Arkansas 5A have 31 teams this year when it traditionally has 32?

Since Little Rock Christian and Pulaski Academy utterly dominate 5A; why have they not been moved up to 6A where they might get more competitive games.

Little Rock Christian and Pulaski Academy are 4A-sized schools, but in Arkansas private schools are required to play up a classification. That would be quite unfair, I think, to expect a school with an enrollment of 300-400 students to compete with 6A schools that have enrollments ranging between 900 and 1,400.

Shiloh Christian voluntarily tried playing up an extra classification for a time because it was beating 4A teams so easily. It struggled as a 5A team and moved back down after one cycle. In Shiloh’s case, it was a school with an enrollment of around 200 playing schools that mostly had enrollments between two and four times its size.

I believe there are only 31 5A football teams because e-Stem in Little Rock does not have a football team, but competes in that classification in other sports.

Think you’re right about eStem, Matt.

PA has 320 students, LR Christian has a touch over 400. Even in 5A, some of the schools are twice as big as LR Christian and nearly three times as big as PA. PA would be one of the smaller schools in 4A if it were left there.

I think private schools are required to play up in classification because (avoiding the R word) they can select their students from a wider base than public schools.

Speaking of private schools, I can think of one UA athlete who played at Subiaco Academy. Anybody remember who I’m talking about?

It’s worth noting that if Pulaski Academy and Little Rock Christian requested to play 6A, that would push two existing 6A teams down a class. Based on current numbers, one of those teams would be Greenwood, which would probably dominate 5A just as much as PA has.

Jack Schulte ex Subiaco Rocket… When I was a kid, the concept of private school was Subiaco or St. Annes which dominated our district.

My daughter goes to CPA and we have amazing record in athletics for a school that has 120 in a senior class, half of which are girls. CPA will beat a few top class teams this year and always has. They don’t truly recruit since the best class on campus is 9th grade that has zero new kids from the 4th grade on. I am bemused by the recruiting ascribed to Shiloh, never at Subiaco because that place was a lockdown behind the walls and Jack did not subscribe to being socially meek.

Correct. For those too young to remember Jack, he was a basketball player, recruited by Lanny Van Eman in 1972 and remained around for the early Eddie Sutton years. Decent 6-7 forward, career average of 8.6 with a high of 11.4 as a sophomore under Van Eman.

Although Subiaco is and has been the Trojans. Rockets are that other Catholic school, the one in Little Rock.

Someone told me that Jack did some boxing at Subiaco. I think everyone did. Would you want to box a guy with that kind of reach?

Did the 1.35 attendance multiplier go away? Used to be that private schools had their attendance multiplied by that number to determine their classification, not simply playing up one class. With the multiplier, you could conceivably stay in the same classification OR move up to two classifications if the numbers were right.

I’m not sure Subiaco is even going to field a football team this year, maybe 7 man football. They have not been the least bit competitive in many years.

The state rule for well at least 15 years is that the privates all have to play up a level. The rule exists primarily because of the howling in NW Arkansas over Shiloh Christian many years ago, with Pulaski Academy also being the subject of much ire.

Catholic High is a 6A school based on pure enrollment numbers(when combined with St. Mary’s) but plays in 7A.

They have a 2020 schedule on their website and it appears to be a mix of 8-man schools and 11-man schools. Their conference appears to be 8-man but I guess they’re putting three more guys out there the rest of the time.

Yes, several years ago.

I think the multiplier was replaced by rule the private schools had to play up a classification.

I grew up in Waldron and Subiaco was in our conference. It was our one guaranteed win each year; the homecoming game every other year.

They were always very good in basketball. Our high school team upset them my senior year when they were ranked No. 1 in our classification. They had a 7-footer who played college basketball. Most other centers in that class were around 6-3 or 6-4.

Always interesting to compare/contrast numbers. OK’s attendance numbers from last year that will be used for winter/spring this year and football on down the road:

These are grades 9-12 in OK. BA > 5000. Wow! Top football recruit is at Beggs, with 289 student at #166 (166th largest). Always curious if kids from schools that small really do make it. He is headed to A&M so we’ll get to see him.

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