Two guys I think

They made major progress on are WR TQ Jackson and RB Marcus Major. I like where Arkansas stands with them.

RD, my best friend TeeMighty, who will be 89 on April 16, the day after I turn 80, lives in Jefferson, TX., not far from TQ. Jefferson has a sandwich place that uses cornbread for the bread part. Really good place. I especially like the ones with corned beef. Oh yeah, TQ is also a perfect fit for what Arkansas coaches want.

Don’t tease me that way.

What’s the name of the sandwich place?

You guys are just getting started. Is TeeMighty on the board?

Kitt’s Kornbread Sandwich Shop and Pie Bar. :x

I don’t even care how good the food is. I’d go there just for the name of the place alone.

I must go to this place…

Agree. That looks too good.

need to go check on that young man at his school it sounds like

TQ Jackson said he loves the place too.