Two games still in progress

Moo U is bombing Bama and Kentucky just took a 3-0 lead on Ole Miss. Pending those scores, the West looks like this:

Moo U 10-5 (assuming they finish the win)
TAM 9-5-1
OM either 10-5 or 9-6
Hogs 9-6
LSU 9-6
Auburn 8-7
Bama 4-11

Georgia 10-5
Vandy 9-6
Misery 7-7-1
EOE 6-9
Wallets 6-9
Fowl 4-11
UK 3-12 or 4-11

Kentucky just added a fourth run to go up 4-0 in the fifth. Ryan Olenek of OM crashed heavily into the fence trying to make a catch on the RBI hit and came out of the game.

Because it’s a Sunday doubleheader in Oxford, this game is only seven innings.

Ole Miss center fielder left the game after running into the wall.
Ole Miss 2. Kentucky 4 final
Miss St gets the sweep over Bama.

That’s what I said…

Kentucky tried hard to give the nightcap to the Rebnecks but finished off the sweep of OM today to win the series. We’re now tied with OM and LSU at 9-6, a game back of Moo U and a half game back of TAM.

Once again: There are no easy games in the SEC. None. The worst team in the league just went into Oxford and took two of three.

I did not realize that Misery is not eligible for postseason play so only one team will be left out of Hoover. Poultry, Jellycats and Scum are all 4-11.

What’s the deal with Ole Miss being ineligible for postseason? I reading about it but that was quite some time ago!

Actually, Missouri has appealed that suspension, and the appeal will not be heard before the end of season. So they will be eligible for postseason play this year. If they lose the appeal their suspension would take place next year.

D1 Baseball reported this last week

Let me guess, if they don’t qualify on the field they will drop the appeal…