Two former UA staffers with Penn State

John Scott is the DL coach and Dann Kabala is the director of high school relations.

John was DL coach under Bielema and Morris and Dann was the on-campus recruiting and eligibility coordinator under Petrino.

And wasn’t Loggains an offensive analyst for them at the beginning of this year? I think that has to give us a huge advantage, right?

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Correct. Can’t hurt that’s for sure.

I agree from the perspective he knows the philosophies they want to try to execute on.

Surely he knows where some mismatches might occur as well. Of course, the other side knows he knows, so how does that affect Penn State’s play calling? So much fun!

Add former Arkansas grad and GA David Parker to the list of PSU staffers.

He’s the assistant WR coach for the Lions. He worked under Bielema and Enos.

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