Two former coaches reached out to Bret

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You could tell in the PC he got a little emotional talking about this.

I know it ultimately comes down to wins and losses. But I really like Bret. I really want him to succeed.

I think he totally gets being a coach at Arkansas.

Damn, that has me pulling for him now

Nolan and Ken had there share of tough times as Hog coaches. Words of wisdom and encouragement from those two mean a lot.

I agree that Bret gets Arkansas. I just hope he turns wins around.


The moral support from them is huge. Maybe Coach B can find some magic against Moo U and LSU.
The hogs should beat Costal and Missouri.
Your right it comes down to wins!
He may be back either way ! But next year he needs to get a “W” aginst Texas A&M next year going along with an 8-4 regular season or better.

Mizzou now scares me Army. They have a chance to build some real momentum going into our game. I believe 6-6 gets Brett another year. 5-7 is dicey and 4-8 means regime change.

I think if Bret wins against Mizzoe and Coastal he gets another year. Beat either MooSt. or LSU and its for certain.

And I think that’s the way it should be.

Next year he will have to get 8 wins. Or more.

Hatfield and Nolan supporting him is huge to me. I LOVED Nolan and Hatfield. Two of the best coaches Arkansas ever had.

Please help me understand why beating two Sunbelt patsies, the UAPB of Florida, and two really bad SEC teams should be enough for Bret to get another year and you think that’s “how it should be”? If what you say is true then it means Arkansas will bring back a coach that in his 5th year accomplished the following:

5-7 and no Bowl

1-5 against SEC West teams

2-6 in the SEC and 12-28 in the SEC since he arrived which will be the worst record for any P5 coach that’s been at the same school since 2013.

I’d really like for you to help me understand your rationale for retaining a coach with a record of accomplishment like we are used to seeing at Vandy, Rice, Kansas, etc. From an historical standpoint it would be bottom of the barrel for Razorback coaches.

PS I expect some will criticize me for repeating these same CBB stats, but I wonder if they will criticize you for repeating over and over again CBB should be back. I have no problem with you posting that by the way! Just interesting which posters are hammered for being repetitive and how some post the same continuously and there is nary a word uttered! :smiley:

Seriously, I’m very interested to hear your thoughts on this!

Never fails, when the focus shifts from the negativity, someone (not generally a mystery, who) has to attempt to shift focus. While that someone asked someone other than me, so my apologies for butting in, to educate him on why they feel the way they do. I would just suggest that doing so, may be the best example of an exercise in futility I can imagine. Seems difficult to imagine influencing a closed mind. And while the firing crowd thinks that anyone who are not marching lockstep with them are closed minded, that might be wrong. Many may be willing to let the process and season run it’s course and then whatever happens, happens and many may be respectful enough to wonder if them contributing to the constant negativity is irritating.

Thanks Keith - appreciate your input though I was unable to decipher your rationale for bringing back a coach with the record I cited. You seem to be of the “ I support the coach until someone smarter/more informed than me says he’s not the coach” school of thought which is fine of course. Given how much is required for tickets/donations a bit passive for my taste, but to each his own.

While you find me iirritatating I find fans that want to retain a coach with such a poor record to be irritatating though I’d never suggest they should be censored for expressing such an opinion!

Look forward to Maestro’s response from beautiful Charleston!

this was a story about former and current coaches and players supporting a current coach.

It was not one about whether he should stay employed or not.

I believe you brought up censoring (vicitimhood is not a flattering look!). although self censoring is often a good idea (including me). Never wasted any time with the provision of rationale, probably a waste of keystrokes. Also did not say you were wrong, just wonder why it is important to interject your viewpoint in so many different styled threads. It is clear where you opinions lie, and while it may be hard for you to accept, many are not as naive, compliant or dumb as sometimes it appears you think.

It’s worth pointing out the two coaches that reached out to Bret, Hatfield and Nolan, are Arkansas Hall of Fame coaches that many fans wanted fired at some point.

Coach B has learned a valuable lesson about SEC and what it takes to compete here much to “beat AL”. He knows to get to the next level, recruiting must improve, especially on defense, and in direction of Texas. As mentioned, we have a young talented team that is going to be better next year. To put it simply, we are still building towards future. We can go backwards if we have to. I am hoping things work out well enough this year that we don’t have to.


my thoughts exactly