Two football questions -------------------

-------------------- that maybe overlap but I’m not going to let that stop me. I need more football talk and less “yes there is, no theres not, etc.” corona virus talk.

  1. At what positions will we be stronger this year than last year?

  2. At which of those improved positions will we have an SEC caliber playmaker, not just improved but a player who can make good things happen for us and bad things happen for them?

My thoughts:

1a: Head coach and both coordinators
1b: Every offensive line position
1c: Tailback
1d: Quarterback
1e: Wide Receiver
1f: Defensive Interior Line
1g: Defensive End
1h: Punter
1i: Kick returner

2a: Quarterback
2b: Tailback
2c: Our big wide receivers
2d: Hoping for Kelley to be a difference maker in the D-line

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Frankly, I agree with your list as our team was never a team last year. No need to assign blame but I feel we will play better everywhere. Wins and losses, I have no idea.

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I think there will be upgrades at most positions on offense, if nothing else because the players who played last year are going to be older. The team just didn’t lose many playmakers and has back a lot of the ones who were making plays. I’m thinking Rakeem Boyd, Treylon Burks, Mike Woods and Trey Knox. They have all shown they can make plays in SEC games.

The one position on offense that might not be as good is tight end because of O’Grady’s departure, but he only played in seven games last year. I think the line will be better because of the experience gained by the likes of Cunningham and Stromberg, in addition to the coaching of Pittman.

I would assume Feleipe Franks or an older KJ Jefferson are going to be better QBs than what Arkansas put on the field last season.

I do wonder what the defense will look like with the loss of Agim, Harris and Curl. They were probably the best player at each level of the defense last year. There is a lot of inexperience still on that side, but I think the coordinator is an upgrade. I’m interested to see how much players like Mataio Soli, Jalen Catalon and Joe Foucha improve from last season.

I’m excited about Gerald and the new DL guy from Clemson. Both should be studs.

I believe you will see lots from last class play on defense. Xavier Kelly and Julius Coates along with Dorian Gerald will help the defensive line. I think Jonathan Marshall will be a solid anchor in the middle. You will see lots of frosh and RS frosh on field on defense.

The offensive line May surprise. Just have to see a little more with how much they grow in weight room this summer. Freshmen are going to play in the O line. Maybe they give em four games. Maybe more. They needed to be here in June and are not.

Ya’ll are talking like you expect a season. I’m just not a believer yet, especially without a vaccine (or whatever can stop the losses to Aubie).

Daboar, then I guess the thread was not designed for you! I will plan for a season, like players and coaches.

Hey, I am trying to talk some football here. Lord knows I have been ranting way too much on my side of the pandemic issue for lack of much sports to talk about and I am trying to make up for that here. I could use some help on that.

Well, did you know that Alabama will construct a water tower on campus in the shape of a football, with the Bama “A” on it?

But, there’s a good chance they will misspell it.


That thar’s a gudurn, Hawgslobber!! These days any cause for mirth is good. Thanks for the post!

I figured it would have a picture of Saban on one side and Bear on the other.

That’s a lot of one’s. With that much improvement everywhere, we should go to a bowl game.

I think the DB’s, DE’s, TE’s, QB’s, and WR’s will be much improved this year.RB’s will be the same. Great! GHG!

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