Two Florida guards transferring

Glover didn’t play much but Locke played a LOT.

That team seemed to lack cohesion all year. The bloom may be off the rose for Mike White.

Poor guard play was one of the main reasons they lost to ORU.

Locke could be a very good transfer for the Hogs. He was a 40+% 3 point shooter. He could be the “shooter” replacement for Moody, but not his rebounding or defensive replacement. He might project as the 6th man replacement for Notae, as he will probably move into a starter spot next season.

KeVaughn Allen’s game saw little, if any improvement at UF. That made me wonder about Mike White.

KeVaughn was one of the best high school players this state has seen.

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Wonder if Muss even has time during tournament play to evaluate & pursue these & other transfers. There are a lot of BB transfers recently announced.

I suspect that’s what Muss Jr. is doing. He’s the director of recruiting and presumably knows what his dad wants.

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