Two first half TDs for Maleek Barkley

In Texas 6A final vs. The Woodlands. Barkley has a TD catch in each quarter as Lake Travis leads 27-0. They noted he had to shift to RB this year as their returning starter got trapped in Mexico over the summer,and he’s rushed for 1200 yards plus catching a few balls. Showed his speed on 65 yard score on go route, just ran past DB. I think he’ll look good in cardinal.

He had 3 catches for 99 yards and the 2 TDs at half.

He finished the night 10-37 rushing, 1 TD along with 6 catches for 138 yards and 2 TDs in 41-13 win and Class 6A title.

Yeah, on the 2nd one they got him matched up on a LB and he just beat him deep. Its a game of matchups.

Yeah boy, it is a game of match-ups and guys like Maleek Barkley are gonna beat that linebacker just about every time. Now, the Hogs just need to get Barkley signed.