Two Duke players arrested for DWI

Coach K’s grandson, and one-and-done Paolo Banchero. Grandson was driving Banchero’s car early Sunday. Banchero charged with aiding and abetting DWI.

It will be interesting to see what wrist slap they get.

Just gotta ask this… WTF is aiding and abetting DWI?

In my past experience the passenger in the car was not doing anything illegal.

Here is a story from my youth.

Back in the early 80, between Van Buren and Fort Smith, a good friend and I were trying to get home from a party were against better sense we both had a bit too much to drink. Long story short, he got pulled over by the cops. He got a DWI. I was the passenger. There was nothing they could do to me while in the car. So I said I’ll just crawl into the back seat and sleep it off and drive home tomorrow. That wasn’t gonna work as they said if no one is capable of driving the car then it will be towed. I said I’d call someone to come get me and the car. They said fine, then asked me for safety sake to step out of the car. When I stepped out of the car, they immediately arrested me for public intox. What a sham. Still the point is the passenger is not doing anything illegal until he steps from the car so I’m not sure WTF is aiding and abetting a DWI, unless the passenger was the one providing the alcohol I guess.

Sounds strange.

Banchero is a player. He is the main reason Duke was able to beat Kentucky. I am surprised he decided to play college ball.

I think the DA there agreed with you. It said Banchero was cited and released immediately, while coach K’s grandson has lost his license for 30 days. My guess is that Banchero would probably have tested well over .08% and Coach’s grandson was trying to help Banchero out and drive him home. At just .08 he probably thought he was fine to drive.

My guess is letting someone who is impaired drive your vehicle would be considered aiding and abetting. Good to know since I’m in NC. But I have no intention of having my vehicle driven by anyone who is impaired – me or anyone else.

Votan, in consideration of your experience, I suspect you would be less than likely to toss these two wayward adolescents under the bus by only their privileged association with Duke basketball.

A closer review of the arrest record and local news details clarifies the charging of passenger Banchero along with the impaired grandson journeyman player and driver, Savarino. It seems Banchero, in a desire to find a place to rest his head as the clock passed the midnight hour, was in the rear seat and was charged under a North Carolina law that provides among several options for an arrest by being in the same vehicle with an impaired driver. Savarino tested higher than 0.08 of blood alcohol presence after being observed in violation of a required traffic stop. Banchero’s legal plight rested on the test finding. Any Duke actions resulting from the arrest and adjudication will come from the offices of the Vice President/Director of Athletics. I suspect Grandfather Mike has suspended Savarino’s role as a designated driver for starters.

This is what I understand as well.

If you let someone else have the keys to your car you are aiding and abetting. But that would presume you know the other party is under the influence as well

BTW, Banchero started tonight,

Seems as though the FS cops “aided and abetted” your public intoxication by asking for you to break the law. Or maybe they became co-conspirators by asking you to commit the crime. Should have placed them under citizen’s arrest right then! Of course, then this would be a very different story…

about the same wrist slap as grayson allen got-over and over and over.

that is…nothing at all.


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Jay Williams, ex-Dook hooper, was talking about that this morning on ESPN radio. He said when he was in school and a player got in trouble, the first thing K did is run him through endless sprints. Having been subjected to that kind of punishment as a player (not for anything I did but because the entire team didn’t play well)… it’s effective. You’ll do anything not to have to do that again. But it doesn’t satisfy the public demand for a pound of flesh.

Jay also said he expected Grandson, who after all was the one driving impaired, to be suspended.

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whatever happened to grayson, behind the scenes or otherwise, certainly had no effect on future behavior. H’e probably tripping or kicking someone as we type this, lol


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Yes, very effective. It does not affect W-L record. I bet if the next game was an exhibition game, the player would be suspended.

He is still playing in the NBA. I forgot which team, but I just saw him a few nights ago. He was still up to his same antics in the NBA the first couple of years, and he caught hell for it by his own teammates. I believe he has stopped, for the most part.

I can’t imagine professionals dealing with that crap for long. It was really petulant and childish.


Grayson is with the Bucks now. He’d better watch it with BP.

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That’s right! I was trying to remember why I was watching a Bucks game. I was checking out Portis. I was actually surprised to see Allan still in the pros. He was a very talented college player, but I didn’t think he was going to make it professionally.

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