Two candidates to keep an eye on

I expect Arkansas will reach out to Vic Schaefer at Mississippi State and Mike Neighbors at Washington about its women’s basketball vacancy. Both are well-respected nationally and have ties to the university.

Neighbors, 47, is from Greenwood, graduated from Arkansas and has had two different stints with the women’s team. He was Gary Blair’s director of operations for a couple of seasons and also coached with Susie Gardner for one season. Neighbors is 96-39 in four seasons at Washington, including 27-4 this season. The Huskies will be in the NCAA Tournament for the third straight year.

Schaefer, 56, was Gary Blair’s right-hand man at Arkansas and Texas A&M before getting a second-chance as a head coach at Mississippi State. He is 117-48 in five seasons with Mississippi State, including 27-3 this season. The Bulldogs will be in their third straight NCAA Tournament. Schaefer spoke in North Little Rock about a week ago and spoke fondly of his time with the Razorbacks and of the high school coaches in the state.

Schaefer would be a steal but would be surprised if he would leave his daughter behind who is on the team at Miss St. WPS

With his ego, I’m not confident that he would but Jeff Long should follow the example of Frank Broyles who asked Bobby Knight and others for advice before hiring Eddie Sutton. No doubt Gary Blair, perhaps Geno, along with other great lady basketball coaches would give excellent advice.

Then again, Suzy Q Gardner was hired on Pat Head Summit’s advice. Not a sure fire approach. Either of those candidates along with Joe Foley would be much more prepared for the job than Jimmy was. I wish Jimmy well. Good man who should land on his feet quickly.

Would you leave a team that your daughter is playing on? I know I wouldn’t. Money or a job is not worth missing having my kid play play for me ? Ask him for advice he is a good man.
JD is a good man. No doubt he may not be in a hurry to get another job. He will find something he wants to do. I wish him and his family the best.

Correct. Pat recommended Suzy. Maybe an early sign of her dementia? (Bad joke).

This is a tough job for women’s hoops. Tom Collen was very successful at Louisville. Not so much here. So I’m not ready to say that just because Foley won at Tech and UALR, he can win at UA. UALR ain’t in the SEC. Like every other sport in this league, they slit your throat and drink your blood in SEC women’s hoops. I think, however, we’ve established that Schaefer can do the job, and I’m very impressed by what Neighbors has done at U-Dub. The Pac-12 is pretty decent in women’s basketball too.

Someone who will be intimately involved in this search is Julie Cromer Peoples, who is the senior AD for women’s sports. I get the impression that she is a rising star in her field and she was not here the last time Arkansas made a hire for women’s basketball.

She previously was at Indiana and would have been involved in the Hoosiers hiring Curt Miller as women’s coach in 2012. Miller now is a head coach in the WNBA.

What are the timelines on having a decision made? Hopefully hiring can move quickly to begin plans for next year, particularly in recruiting to fill losses.

Just like any other hire, this one might not be made until after the season is completely finished on April 2.

Karen Aston from Texas is another coach with Arkansas ties. She graduated from Bryant and played at OBU and UALR. Though it might be tougher to get her than ever other two. She is making right at 800k this season

Response: I totally disagree, they should reach out to a woman coach, period! I’m telling those death threats to our female student basketball players was simply stupid, but residual affects will linger much longer.

I knew John White was lurking on this board!

if schaefer wants the job;i’m sure his daughter would transfer with him;sit out a year per the rules unless she’d be a senior…be just like avery johnson’s son at alabama…transferred from a&m when his dad got the bama job.

Schafer daughter is a jr this year so she would be senior next

Vic didn’t do well at his first stop at same Houston it has done well at Starkville , he is 57 and neighbors is 47

Florida fired their coach , the AD there hired Vic at MSU add to that Vic is an A&M alum and Blair is near retirement age. Lots of obstacles for us to get him

harder to leave Seattle than Starkville for obvious reasons. I like MSU/Starkville for the way my godfather (AR Sports Hall of Fame) was treated and how his family loved it for being a big little town, but it is hard to want to see how anyone would not want to get out of the Golden Triangle as fast as possible given all things being equal for job purposes.