Two bowl projections: Hogs to Gator

247 has us playing Clemson in Jacksonville, Jerry Palm at CBS has us playing Florida State.

That would be a nice venue and either team would be good for Hawgs to play if it happens.

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feels like a reach for FSU to get bowl eligible but they do have the miseries of Dan Mullen to help them.

FSU is headed in the right direction. The Wallets… aren’t.
I was surprised Palm put a 6-6 projected team in the Gator. Usually they get better teams than that.

Yes it would - put Mizzou away and a good bowl like this is certain

Bowl projections get somewhat more accurate after week 12, but I’m still not terribly impressed with predictions at this point.

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By Sunday we will have a much better picture
Neatarkie got any insight or hopes where the Razorbacks go?

He knows that FSU has 10s of thousands of fans within a short driving distance of Jacksonville. Actually, I don’t know how much, if any, clout the Gator Bowl has in choosing their opponents.

IF either Florida beats Florida State or SC beats Clemson it will mess up entire bowl system. I don’t expect either to happen but football is an unpredictable game. They are going to have a hard enough time filling all the bowl slots. The problem is there are way to many bowls!

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I have no clue where we will be. Like everyone else, I can eliminate the NY6 bowls and the bottom tier bowls, but we could be in any one of several mid tier bowls

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Yes I can see that - one two point conversion away from a likly NY6

But I wouldn’t criticize that call - just needed better blocking on the right side snd I think KJ gets the two points

It’s amazing how far this program has come and bow a bowl

I received an email from Razorback Foundation to preorder bowl tickets. Only bowls games offered were Gator and Outback Bowls.


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That’s really good intelligence- looks like Florida - that’s a great reward looks like it’s scheduled for 11:00 lol

yeah I got that email too, but when you go to the website all the possible bowls are listed.

At this point nobody knows anything. Too many moving parts. Does Bama make the CFP? If not, they drop to Sugar and everybody else goes down a notch. Does OM make the NY6? Also to be determined.

You never know who a bowl committee will want, or who Greg Sankey will want to give them, but it would be best for our bowl assignments if Georgia and Bama both make the playoffs, which might require a Bama win.

Below those two, OM can finish 6-2/10-2, Kentucky is 5-3 and either 9-3 or 8-4, and there could be a whole bunch of teams at 4-4, including us. So it’s probably good for us for LSU and OM to win this week to keep A&M and Moo U from finishing 5-5.

Jeff, that’s like asking us to cheer for a texass win.

Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and take one for the team. It makes it a little easier for me that I don’t like the Leghumpers any more than I like the Flopnecks. In any event, it’s what benefits the Hogs. There will be times once the Fallopians join the SEC that it will be to our advantage for them to beat Bama or LSU or whoever. In those cases, hold your nose and sing “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad”.

Prime example: Do you know why we can claim the 1964 NC? Because Texas beat Bama in the Orange Bowl that night. If the Scum wins that game, they’re the undisputed NC and we’re just a unbeaten #2.

I pulled for texass so hard that night in our Dallas hotel. We yelled and cheered. DKR was our best buddy. Never-the less, come Thur., it will be Hail State! Has Lane already moved to Gainesville yet? Will be by Jan.

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