Two Arkansas wins in Texas Article

No where on this board does it mention A State when you pay for it. Whole hog sports! Where’s the red wolf. No where Wally or any body else. Don’t put my hogs in the same article.
If I wanted to know something about that program I would get on their board!
Or rename this to the The ADG and you will sure have less paying customers!
The paper service was sorry and a lot of the articles and writing style irritate me.
Customer service was never anything but substandard so I guess since they own this board it’s headed in the same direction !

So Wally can’t make predictions that include Arkansas State?

It was his article from Friday.

Understand that. I’m sorry I don’t see a problem with making a prediction involving ASU.

which asu?i’m confused…is it jonesboro;beebe;or one of the other campuses?

It was ASU, Jonesboro or for short ASUJ, I never bother to read an article about them, to me its just a waste of good paper and ink.