Two absolutes

about this Razorback baseball team that are easy to opine on 1 - it was an unbelievably fantastic season and great fun to watch, cheer on. 2 - it also was a horribly disappointing ending - though the end might could have been predicted with a calm reflection on all the issues Clay’s article pointed out…but rabid (Hog) fans don’t typically look calmly and logically at those sort of things, until after the fact…maybe. It imo is irrational for anyone to expect said fans to focus only on the first point, and direct all their emotional outbursts strictly toward that aspect. It doesn’t bother me if rock-solid fans (of which I believe 99.9% of this board is comprised), say dumb, outlandish, or even outrageous things, reacting to the huge disappointment we all just experienced. And by the way, some of the harsh things said by some, may need to be given place due to the truth or near truth of the statements - even if they appear to be hyper critical. Finally, maybe us Hog fans should be given even more latitude to go a little ballistic about disappointing endings to sports seasons…in that many of us believe we’ve had more than our fair share of them. I’d rather see over-the-top negative reactions, than ho-hum, oh well, its just a game after all…no big deal.


A different perspective…

These are, indeed, “just” games … played by kids.

Did I have a negative reaction after yesterday’s loss? Sure. It’s a great personal sadness (definitely not “ho hum”) realizing I’ll never again get to see: Kopps throw that gyro, Opitz throw out a runner, or Franklin make an incredible diving catch … in a Razorback uniform.

But for folks who have “over-the-top, negative reactions” to the results of collegiate athletic competitions over which they have absolutely no control? I’m thinking they would probably benefit from a little more balance, focus, and clarity in their lives.

Participating in collegiate competition can certainly teach athletes life lessons. But win, lose, or draw … they’re “just” games.


I don’t disagree with anything you said…but calm, cool indifference to outcomes of collegiate athletics imo is incongruous with the very definition of “fan”.

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The Gtound Hog jinxed us

The day the ground hog showed up we scored 21. That’s hardly a jinx. Unfortunately the bats went in the closet at that point.

There is a huge gap between cool calm indifference and over the top negativity. Indifferent people don’t post on message boards. Unfortunately, some over the top critics do.

I don’t see it as an either/or. One can be an avid fan and still keep it in perspective. I’m hurting as badly as anyone , but I know it is indeed a game. It’s not worth being unfair to the coaches or players about. In fact, even accurate criticism might not be wise to give.

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My point is this board is not sacrosanct… people gonna vent , sometimes a little much after a terribly disappointing loss. Let em be for awhile. Sometimes I think theres a self-appointed nobility for the one who rushes to straighten out errant posters.


Venting doesn’t bother me. Unfairly blaming people for losses does. Especially the really pointed stuff. If people post that crap, they need to be called out. If that’s too noble, well, I can live with that.

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When you care intensely, losing is a horrible, mind-numbing
‘thing’ that lives on.

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Catch that damn critter and release it for every home game. Seems to be our good luck charm.

I’ve never understood why the people who rip players and coaches and are the harshest critics are usually the ones who cry foul when someone does the same to them. Weird.


Oh, it’s a vicious cycle. The harsh critics get harshly criticized and everyone alike is so put off about the whole darn thing. But it’s all good, NE has decided they “need to be called out.” So once the need has been identified, well what are we to do?! Let’s call those buggers out…and good! I feel better, ahem maybe even a little…noble, by george. How about you?

You’re trying way too hard. I don’t see much of any of that going on—mainly just you whining.

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