Two 5's a 4 and a 9

I know everyone said going in, that this tournament was wide open. No dominant teams yada yada yada. But who saw this? Who knew that either Florida in the Atlantic or El Azteca will be playing in the championship game? FITA’ s run is even more stunning than the Jacksonville Dolphin’s run in 1970. People knew about Artis Gilmore and Pembrook Burrows, JU’s 7 footers. Who could name any of the Owls players before the tourney started? I don’t even know what conference these guys play in. I’m guessing Sunbelt. Well it’s been fun. Would be more fun if our Hogs were still in, but beating Kansaw was a very nice consolation prize.Even with all the upheaval and change in college basketball, this is still the greatest sporting event on the planet IMHO. I don’t know why they want to fix something that cleary isn’t broken. Please NCAA, just leave this tourney as it is. 64-68 teams. It works.


They’re in CUSA, by the way. Criminally underseeded. They have more wins than any school in the country.

Weird stat: Every team in the Power 6 conferences lost at least 6 games this year. That’s never happened before. The only teams with less than 6 losses are FAU, Houston, Charleston and ORU.

Nothing about expanding the tournament would rule out this year’s craziness. As a 9 seed, FAU would have had a play-in game on Tuesday or Wednesday. Two teams have made the Final Four out of play-in games: George Mason and UCLA. And now the coach that took Mason to the FF is back, with Miami.

The Miami coach has been underpaid. Who will Texas go after?

He’ll also turn 74 next week. But age didn’t stop St. John’s from firing Mike to hire Slick Rick who will be 71 next season.

He has replicated the amazing feat of getting GM to a FF. Now he has done it at Miami. Dude can spot talent and coach. I just hope Texas doesn’t come after Muss. Larranaga can coach.

Texass gave Rodney Terry the permanent job. Which he deserves IMO.

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I read there are also no McD AA’s left.

Glad to see this.

Does this mean he can quit working at Los Pollos Hermanos?

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