Two 1 point losses...

Both could have gone our way easily.

We are very young. Today was another lesson for these young men. We played below our potential today.

But the SEC will be tough. But the future for these kids could be very good.

Agreed, but we lost by two to Texas.

As upset as I am at today’s game, we’re playing WAY better than I thought we would.

yep got to make FT’s and guard the 3pt line and we did neither,got what we deserved

I agree that we have potential. It sure didn’t show today. Gafford was schooled several times by a freshman. Just a very weak performance when we should be starting to gel. With SEC play coming, I’m really concerned.

We need to get better on the inside. I hope Reggie Chaney gets more minutes. He has some really nice talent, but he needs some experience and some time. Gafford is a hoss, but he needs more help against these good teams.

I was surprised Isaiah Joe was out for several minutes during the 2nd half. We couldn’t shoot a lick from the 3 point range, but he can’t shoot sittin’ on the bench. Western Kentucky did a nice job defending him the 2nd half, also. Rick Stansbury is a good coach. I never understood why Moo U fired him.


But they WILL grow up.

Reminds me a lot of December 1992