I got Twitter 3 weeks ago, when my son left for college. Also got on Snapchat, so I can keep up with him. That’s my primary reason to be in social media, and it’s great to see his face every day!

But man, I had no idea how great twitter would be for following the Hogs! I follow our insiders, rivals insiders, all UA feeds, and lots of players. Unbelievable access!

RD has been telling us this for a while, and man was he right. As usual!

For instance, TQ has been posting A LOT about playing “sooner than later”, as have his friends. Expect to see him on the field soon?

It’s also nice to be a positive Hog voice in general and support the players and coaches.

Anyway, if u aren’t on Twitter, then check it out, easy and great info!


Honored to be your fourth follower.

Big time now!!!

I signed up for twitter several months ago and didn’t use it at all. Now that I have a great niece getting basketball offers I got on it to start following her. I’m suspended for some reason and have sent messages and done all they have asked to get back on. Nothing has worked. Don’t know how to get off suspension. Any ideas from twitter folk?

Twitter is great for getting info, not always 100% correct, quickly. Following your favorite sports teams, recruiting, business news, etc., is helpful, just remember there are some out there without 2 brain cells posting as well. I’ve had it for years, probably posted 5 tweets and retweeted 10, lol, but there’s a wealth of knowledge if you know who to follow.

I have never joined. My biggest concern is getting TOO MUCH info and not having the time or inclination to separate the wheat from the chaff.

That is why I still value good old fashion reporting. I know many want to, for example, watch a press conference. I don’t. I want a reporter to distill down that 45 minute press conference into a story I can read in 5 minutes or so. I realize the danger of that. I am not getting my info first hand, it is being screened by the reporter. But especially for sports, that is fine with me. Give me the critical info in a short amount of time.

Do those of you who do Twitter have an issue with TMI (to much information)

I’m still not a tweeter all I can do to keep up with Facebook…I heard there’s a lot of information on Twitter I might eventually take the plunge.


This was my issue. I was getting the same thing from 5 different people on Razorbacks, but I didn’t want to have to pick which one to follow. My phone was always blowing up. But, I’m going to give a try through football season this year. First time in a few years.

If you want to stay up on current events, twitter is the way to go. If you want to socialize with family and friends and watch funny videos, go the Facebook route. I don’t have time for the latter.

I am on Facebook just to keep up with old friends. I hardly ever post anything. Frankly, that is usually the way I find out someone from my old hometown (don’t live there now) has died, Facebook friends will post it!

I am still leery of Twitter. Do you just get stuff from the people you “Follow”? Could I limit the info stream to say Richard, DD, Clay, and a few others???

FYI, Devin Bush is now also tweeting pics and messages implying he’ll be playing soon.

Greg: you definitely pick who you follow. so I follow our insiders, Rivals gang (Nikki Chavanelle tweets a bunch. a real bunch). also statewide media who cover HOgs. Also follow the UA feeds for FB, BB, T&F and women’s basketball-cuz I like those sports. I’ve “unfollowed” a couple media types who post tons of basketball recruiting, sicne I don’t want to see a dozen posts a day about some “2022 recruit’s top 7”.

I’m following quite a few of our FB players, some never tweet, some are good, Greg Brooks’s dad is good. I’m about to “unfollow” a couple, since they post lots of social stuff that doesn’t interest me.

Oh, and I don’t receive notifications, so when I wanna check out tweets, I go to Twitter and see what’s going on. I simply don’t have the time or temperament to get 100’s of notifications daily.


Twitter is a really great tool to gather information. I limit who I follow to the things I’m really interested in, and for the most part the accounts that are going to provide just that information. Someone might have information I want to know from time to time, but they tweet 100 times a day about whatever pops into their head. I don’t care to follow them.

Yeah, and if they are over political, I will unfollow them. If I wanted to read about politics, I’d follow those type accounts.

You only see the tweets from people that you follow. Richard, DD, and WholeHogSports would be the IDs to look at. I’m also on there, if you like lots of baseball tweets (during baseball season, I tweet at the end of each Hog at bat). I only tweet or retweet a few things and most of it is about the Hogs. Baumbastic Hawg

Twitter can become a little addicting if you are not careful.

Also very interesting to follow some of the players. I like to keep up with it during games to get a feel for what fans and media are saying about the game. Great way also to keep up with all things Razorbacks for sure along with any other interests you have.

I like to look at it during the games to see what the reporters upstairs are saying/seeing. Sometimes they have a better/quicker take on the action/injury/replay/etc. I never follow the players, I have children that age, there’s no telling what the are implying in their tweets, lol.

You’re right about that. I’ve got a JR and a SO in college. Glad I don’t know what some of their and their friends tweets mean.

I am not a Twitter person. I barely get done all my work as it is now. I depend on Matt or Dudley to alert me if I need to know something to look at on Twitter and I can follow up on it quickly. I guess social media has passed me by.

I’ve been on Twitter now for several years. The fastest avenue to gain info on any subject matter.

Even when it’s wrong