Twitter says Stepp and Smith staying

Is there any official word?

Can you refresh my memory. Is Stepp the WR coach? Smith is corners?

Correct. I think both are good recruiters too. In Texas especially.

This may help us get some of the prior committments to re-commit.

No official word, but Stepp has been out recruiting with Coach Pittman.

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I understand keeping Stepp on but Smith doesn’t make sense.

I would say that he has great contacts in Texas, which is a state you better continue to recruit.

I get that but DBs have definitely been a weak spot. I just don’t get it from a coaching standpoint but not my decision.

You have to differentiate playmaking vs scheming. The speed & athleticism are their “The Chiefs” schemes overide that.
If Odom is your DC the Playmakers + Schemes may marry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would be thrilled with Stepp…Smith…I am mehhhhhhh. But agree, both are solid recruiters and need the Texas tie with them!

I agree about Smith. Geez, he wasn’t even a full time Assistant coach at SMU was he? He shared the sceondary duty with Cooper here. I also wouldn’t be sad if CSP didn’t want to keep Stepp. I’d kinda like to rid the career long ties to Morris from the locker room.


As for me, I’ll trust Sam. He knows more about the coaches he needs and trusts than anyone on this board.

It’s his rear end on the line. For us it’s just an opinion. Which is what this board is all about. Except for a couple that deal in absolutes never admitting it’s just an opinion.

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Hey LD. You nailed it. A lot of experts that seem to know what’s best for Sam…

the kids we have do have some talent and some speed. brown and bishop both decent size and speed. maybe all they need is a defensive coordinator that changes schemes, etc. smith, if retained, will do exactly what the new dc tells him to do period.

Another brilliant hog fan.

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“Another brilliant Morris fan”. Guess you think Sam should keep all the Morris coaches he brought with him from SMU since that staff did such a great job.

Any new head coach wants to hire assistant coaches he’s vetted and feels comfortable with. Coaches that he knows from his years of experience and trusts. After these last 2 years we need assistants that have experienced winning seasons, not back to back 2-10 seasons under Morris’ tutelage.

Uh, if he’s keeping Stepp and Smith that pretty much tells you that he’s comfortable with them. So you can save it.

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I thought it was a post on twitter that had not been confirmed. If it turns out to be true, then fine. If Sam wants them, he should hire them.

Not a brilliant Morris fan. Last two years have been awful ,but you do not throw everyone out as some bring a lot to the party.

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It could be possible Smith has been offered some kind of other roll in program. Just spit balling here but until we hear from CSP we can only speculate.

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