Twitter saying NSJ is back at practice

What a joyous day!


Makes last night a LITTLE easier to take, Jeff. Just hope we haven’t fallen too far.


Come on Nick. We need ya!

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Wonder if his timeline to return to court is any different or still February. Either way, glad he is back on the court at practice man!

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A question I’ve thought about for a week or so is wouldn’t he have to be enrolled and in classes by tomorrow just like transfers coming in for football? Course just cause he’s enrolled doesn’t mean he’s attending classes but it would be one step of knowing if he’s planning on playing.

February is only 11-12 days away!

online classes

Can’t get here soon enough if he is not playing until then!

Yep— but he’d have to be enrolled!

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Looks like we may be NIT bound Jeremy

I think Lunardi still has us as a 6 seed but we’d better right the ship quickly.


Last night hurt the cause A LOT, Jeff, but there are still 13 games left. We just have next to no room for error now.

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As of when? Today, last week??

Don’t worry about seeding right now , just win enough to get in the tournamemt and I still think we do that comfortably. Get NSJ back on the team and working his lungs to game shape through Feb. and then roll into the tourney picking up steam. I am not all doom and gloom on this team… Gut punched over four straight losses …absolutely. But this team, even with the injuries, is the most talented team Muss has had at Ark and they are not far from being good. Get turnovers down to even a high side acceptable number and this team wins at LSU and Mizzo. If they stop turning the ball over everything else falls into place. The other team doesn’t get run outs and we pick up more baskets. I DO NOT like the losses beleive me. But also as I watch this team I still see a whole lot to like. It hurts because I see the talent…the have lost some confidence but that is what Muss gets paid for. I know they are walking a fine line because they have ro start picking up the wins they are supposed to win…I just think they will


I think our best game of the year so far was the Oklahoma game, his last, right?

He played the first half of the Bradley game in NLR. Just because it wasn’t televised doesn’t mean it didn’t happen😄


I’m not worried about seeding, just that at this point we’re comfortably in. Need to solidify that though.


No comment.:wink:

I will be suprised if the hogs get better than a 7 seed. They have looked awful.

Army. It’s January. The same month we stunk last year and the year before that. Plenty of time to turn it around before Selection Sunday.

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We played hard last night. I don’t consider that awful! Mistakes were made by our players in crunch time but more importantantly by the officials!

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