Twitter on the flip side

We have seen a lot of posts about how Hog fans on social media are vicious and discouraging recruits.

I decided to spend quality time looking at player tweets and tweets from Hog fans after the win last night. I was very pleased to see that support for the Hogs, players and Mike far far outnumbers the tweets after a defeat, especially responses to tweets praising a player.

I am proud of you Hog fans. I am convinced of two things.

The “fire Mike” tweeters are still a minority. They don’t tweet after Hog wins. There are tweeters who criticize Mike but at the same time praise him and the players when they win. I have a lot of respect for them.

Lastly this may mean nothing, but I was pleased to see what tweets Mikki Chaney liked.

Well said


I don’t have a twitter account, but other social media sites, I see this all the time. Now I’ll admit, with all the drama seemingly going on the last few days, I didn’t think our boys would win, but I saw people on other sites actively talking about the beat down we were going to take and even taking wagers on how bad it was going to be. From the time the game started, till the game ended, those people disappeared. It’s common for trolls to do that.

I have been for Coach Mike and will continue to do so. Stay strong Coach Mike.