Twitter is interesting tonight

There’s a deranged Louisville fan who thinks the refs stole the game from them and they’ll be a 1 seed in March.

Then there’s a Nevada fan who is still butthurt that Muss left there. Calling him a traitor.

And both those idiots are on the SAME THREAD by Jon Rothstein.

Can’t fix stupid.

I saw that. Both are liquored up.

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I understand that I miss some things, but I don’t do Twitter for several reasons, these guys are a couple of them! :slight_smile:


Amen and unlike most things , it is open ended so it can run for a while.

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Nope. Louisville is probably going home 0-6. I don’t think it’s possible to be a #1 seed with 6 losses period, much less starting 0-6.

I was tempted to drop this meme on him.


As for the butthurt Nevada fan, Muss would only be a traitor if he’d gone to UNLV or somebody else in the Mountain West.

Nevada is lucky they had him as long as they did. Pav is probably right…liquored up.

Glad all our fans are so reasonable! :grin:


Rags, you know better than that…

Being a Hog fan has nothing to do with reason…


So now that Louisville has lost twice in Maui by a total of 58 points, I expect that fool to crawl back under his rock. The butthurt guy is another issue.

No driver’s test for Twitter.


Or IQ !


Didn’t want to start a new thread, but the national BB media is handing out a lot of praise to Arkansas after this game. Nice to see, can’t hurt recruiting either.


I’ve noticed that.

I also noticed that the Louisville troll didn’t go back under his rock. Now he’s complaining about bad rims or something. Oh really? Arizona scored 101 points on those bad rims. Creighton had 80 and we had 87…

We scored 53 points in the second half tonight. Louisville scored 54 in the entire game last night, and 38 today. That ain’t rims, pal; your team just sucks.