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Then again, it occasionally redeems itself.

On the Bengals’ Joseph Ossai’s game-losing penalty (which, in reality, may not have lost them the game):

What a bad decision on his part. I could care less who won but the Bengals sure got some bad calls before that hit.

Can’t truthfully say whether calls were good or bad, but the Bengals sure drew the short straw.

There is dumb and then there is that sort of stupid. Who knows how the game would have went, but that sure made it easy for KC. Not a fan of either team, but wow. What in the world can be gained by hitting a star QB 2 yds out of bounds? I guess he learned that in Austin. Played a good game up until that.


That was a dumb play but Bengals sure seemed snakebit with calls last night. Bit congrats to PM and the Chiefs for a gutsy performance.

Another issue for Cincy…one of their best OL was out and the Chiefs got pressure on Joe B a lot,last night. I thought before game that KC would be behind the 8 ball with injuries to Kelce and PM, but the defining injury IMO was the Bengals OL not being healthy…Jones wrecked their offense with pressure and Burrow didn’t have time to let those longer routes get open down field.

bad play but Buker was in range without the 15 yards and he actually seems to miss more in close (XP), so it was dumb and just flat out bad but not FG success maker.

Butker’s kick cleared the crossbar by about 5 yards so the 15 absolutely mattered. They did have time to complete one short sideline throw and move a little closer though.

Not really a fan of either but admire both QB’s abilities…have to say though I was a little satisfied with KC given the Cincinnati mayor’s mouth before the game

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Chiefs earned the right to be Eagle fodder. Happy for my boy Harrison Butker, who I first saw on a Dekalb County Georgia soccer field when he was 10 years old.

Really dumb play. But I have to give both the player and his head coach credit. The player admitted he really messed up, said he has to do better, and explained what happened without making excuses, said he was trying to shove Mahones to keep him inbounds but lost track of where the sidelines were in the heat of the moment. And the coach did not berate the player, he said s lot of plays helped determine the game. Players make mistakes, but not all of them take responsibility for them. Or even learn from them. Anyone who has ever played sports, at any level, has made mistakes, even bad ones, no matter how smart they are. And berating a player who takes responsibility is not only wrong, it is bad coaching.


I might have to get my first tattoo . It fits so many things these days.

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