Twitter, again

Driving home from Fayetteville today, had a blast at the game yesterday, even got to see my son a little. All that bid day at his frat allowed😡.

Driving home I wear earbuds and listen to music, as my wife and twins do their thing.

Today on Twitter I found trey biddy’s “ walk and talk” piece, and since I’m starved for more hog info after a thrilling game, I listen to that. It ends, then goes directly to CCM’s post game presser. Right from that to players post game interviews. Right from that to another player interview.

I got spoon fed about an hour of great hog stuff, WHILE DRIVING! Man, that’s high cotton for me.

Man, Otis kirks voice cracks me up, I’d love to have dinner with that dude.

Anyway, sorry for more twitter banter, but I’m really enjoying my new toy. Should have listened to RD a couple years ago :cold_sweat: