Any tips or tricks to using this to watch the game?

I managed to watch the Texas game using a previous link from a gamer after I used our Amazon Prime and somehow got to it. I did not list my steps and honestly I haven’t got there so far tonight.

I watched the Ole Miss - Texas game on Twitch but found it by searching Arkansas vs Texas Texh.

Figure that one…

Twitch is owned by Amazon. They buy their competition or work to get them cancelled. Love the product they developed but they with a few others have become bigger than some countries in power. Need to be broken up. We are listening thru tunein now. I am trying to work my way back into the live game on my desktop and then I will do it via a laptop that I then link by cable to our large screen TV

And I just searched Ark vs TCU and got a “Stream starting soon”

Under “Conner Givens”

eaternation35 has been streaming our games. Search for that name. Or dessygaming

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Try this link -->


Got it thanks!

If that link freezes try this one -->

or this one -->

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