Twist in the Bielema lawsuit

Patriots are not happy that emails between Belichick and Robert Kraft related to the employment of BB are being unsealed by the federal judge. To be clear, the Patriots turned over the emails, under the condition that they remain out of the public record, but judge P.K. Holmes said his preference was that the emails be unsealed.

The beauty of our judicial system. Rich guy Robert Kraft can’t tell judges what to do, especially federal judges. Every man is entitled to his evidence, and documents produced in litigation ordinarily should be public record and accessible except in cases of privilege and proprietary secrets. A few other reasons too.

The only exception I can think of involving Robert Kraft is the Orchids of Asia controversy. He was successful in getting the video of his “massage” there destroyed. LOL.

The Orchids of Asia case certainly had a happy ending for Mr. Kraft.

Wonder where he gets his massages now?

Pats are claiming proprietary secrets, in that other teams shouldn’t know how much they’re paying their analysts, but I think that’s a stretch. It’s not like it’s giving away their game plan for the first Dolphins game next season or something.

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