Twins are solid additions, but

But hard to see that that was what all of the over the top hype was about…I’m guessing there is still more to happen (or something people thought would happen fell through).

Any stats available?


Makhel Mitchell – 31 games, 27 starts, 26.5 minutes per game, .502 FG%, 0-7 3P%, .525 FT% (not gonna get minutes at crunch time), 5.6 rebounds per game, 74 blocks, 23 steals, 40 assists, 59 turnovers, 10.7 PPG

Mahki Mitchell – 31 games, 27 starts, 24.1 minutes, .522 FG%, 7-23 from deep, .522 FT%, 7.3 RPG, 43 blocks, 30 steals, 48 assists, 87 turnovers, 9.9 PPG.

Rhody finished 15-16 this season and fired its coach, hiring former Indiana coach Archie Miller (seems we’ve taken players away from Archie before, right Justin Smith?)

Makhel Mitchell 6’10" 245 lbs (Arkansas Commitment)
Makhi Mitchell 6’9" 235 lbs (Arkansas Commitment)

From someone else’s post on other thread


Muss went out and got a couple of big, older guys to take to the SEC and NCAA wars in the paint. He already signed the offensive fire power and creativity, as well as the length and athletic ability needed to play his brand of defense everywhere else on the floor, so this looks like a pretty logical one year fit.

To conjure up Larry Johnson, it looks like he went and got him some men. It will be very interesting to see how they work out.


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