Twin towers

I wonder if Muss has had the twins in the game at the same time yet? I would call that the twin towers lineup.

I don’t think so. And I doubt we’ll see that. We don’t need two low post types clogging up the lane.

Back in the summer I thought the twins would be largely a source of 10 fouls to guard opponents like Tshiebwe and Castleton. And Makhel may still play some in that role. But Makhi has surprised me.

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I think they played some minutes together in Hawaii, but not much.

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This is from HoopLens. On/off data from Arkansas’ trip to Maui. Prior to last night they had played 40 offensive possessions together this season, and 39 on defense:

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That is what I remember.

Taking it back to 94!! Lol with Robinson and Lee

Makhel was an eraser last night. Good to see him getting some run.

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Robinson and Lee were a bit taller. Did the two play much together, if any? I can’t remember.

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I can’t remember them ever playing together, but boy did we need them to get that natty.


Wilson and Robinson were both on the floor some during their final season together. There were some games that year when both started.


Yeah 6’11 I believe, I don’t recall but when you took one out and put the other in it was no change.

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